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Why is Antivirus Software Essential for Your PC?

Antivirus Software Essential for Your PC

Antivirus Software Essential for Your PC

A computer virus is a harmful program or software. When executed, it modifies other computer applications and affects them by inserting its own code into such applications or files. Virus writers or hackers tend to exploit the various security vulnerabilities by creating newer forms of malicious software that initially infects the target and then hamper its performance. The word ‘virus’ is more of an umbrella term which is generally used to refer other types of malware. Some of the most common viruses or malware are-

  • Computer Worms
  • Ransom-ware
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Trojan Horses
  • Key Loggers
  • Root-kits
  • Boot-kits
  • Malicious Browser Helper Objects

Virus can enter your computer from a variety of sources including e-mails, malicious websites, and even common applications such as Microsoft Word.

What are the Threats?

Everyday hackers are creating newer and advanced forms of viruses that are designed to cause damage to anyone who is exposed to them. The core idea for these hackers is to cause enough damage to your system so that you are not able to use your system or the files on it or even for stealing away important information from your computer. Many hackers often ask for a bounty (via ransom-ware) from the infected persons to restore or undo the damage caused. Some of the common threats of being exposed to a virus attack are –

  • Hackers can steal your identity credentials
  • Damage your important files/ data
  • Gain access to sensitive information such as Credit Card or bank details
  • Capture your passwords for all possible accounts
  • Corrupt your computer altogether
  • Gain access to your online browsing activities
  • Infect all the computers in your shared network

Computer viruses are known to cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year.

So what is Antivirus Software Essential for Your PC?

Antivirus software is a program or an application that protects your computer from viruses, worms, botnets, rootkits, and online threats. Basically, it stops all of those unwanted invaders from entering or causing damage to your system. Once installed, the antivirus software will keep a real-time check on your system and will stop you from accidentally becoming a victim of a malware attack.

Key Benefits of using an Antivirus Software Essential for Your PC

  • It prevents your important details from getting stolen by hackers
  • It prevents your data & files from getting corrupted by malware
  • It protects you from an identity theft usually referred to as cyber crimes
  • It defends your shared networks from attacks such as Trojan Horses
  • It helps you keep your internet browsing safe by blocking visits to harmful websites
  • It scans your PC regularly & looks for viruses on your hard drive
  • It keeps updating its database automatically for newer kinds of potentially malicious or suspicious viruses that can attack your computer
  • It helps you save time and money which is otherwise spent on fixing post-virus attack issues

If you haven’t installed an antivirus program yet, go for it now! There are a plenty of free antivirus software available online that can get you started.

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