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Upgrade The Belkin Wireless Router For Security Purpose

Belkin Router Support

Using the Belkin wireless router we can be connected the computers. It can be connected to the same internet connection. The connection may be connected without having to run the cables between them. If you do not want any stranger with a laptop has the range of the wireless router. It can be able to access the network and you have to enable the router security settings. When you power on the computers it can be automatically connected to the network through the wireless router. You can click on the start button and then open the control panel. After that, you can scroll down the control panel option and double-click the device icon.

Download the latest Belkin Wireless Router

And then right click on the entry of your Belkin wireless router and click on the update driver. You can wait for some time to finish the downloading process. And check whether the software is updated or not. Finally, close the window. You can open the web browser and enter the IP address for your router it should be like on the login button. When you follow the process step by step you can automatically upgrade the Belkin router. Leave the password text box blank and click on to the submit button to access the setting menu. You can click on the tab to set the menu. After finish that process you have to click the tab at the top of the screen which is labeled as wireless. Find the security link at the center of the page and then click it.

The process of the Belkin Wireless Router

When you click the security link it will open and you can get the connection to move further on to the process. Fix the mode into a security mode? The mode must be in the drop-down menu box and change the security mode which setting you want. You can choose the 128-bit up option from the drop-down menu. When you want to enable the security encryption on your Belkin Wireless Router network to check whether it is encrypted are not. Click on the generate button of the screen to generate the encryption key and type in the password which you want to use in the passphrase text box. Leave the box empty because you have to verify the process is going right or wrong. Check the range of the router it is inaccessible in the connection. Then click on the apply changes button to save the changes.

Steps to update Belkin Wireless Router

  • First, you have to find the device model, serial number, and version after that click the option.
  • When you going to update the router the firmware of the router will need to download and saved the updated firmware file.
  • The file can be updated from the support of the Belkin support site to your computer. If you update router’s firmware from the Belkin dashboard it will launch your web browser from a computer to a router.
  • In another way, you can launch through wifi device also. It is connected to the network. Enter the router username and password. Then click the advanced administration.
  • Click the firmware update or router update. And then click the button to check the process. Finally, give yes.
  • When you are going to update the Belkin router you can access the web-based setup page by opening any web browser. You should click on the login page at all the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your router’s password if you have one of them. It can be accessed on the utilities in the left navigation panels.
  • You can click firm to update the process. Belkin Wireless Router is WI-fi router. It serves two basic functions and it allows connecting to your internal hosts in the WI-fi connection.
  • It is also doing some other functions like providing the NAT, firewall and device white listing. Belkin router plays a main role in the router field.

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