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Unable To Open Quicken 2018 After Updating

Quicken is the personal financial management app that is developed by Quicken in the year 2016. This app helps the people those who want to keep an eye on their money matters. Quicken app is the best brand that comes as the first thing when it comes to considering on the individual money. This app stores the record of everything that people uses money in many ways. Starting from the adjustment of one’s check book to the paying electric and water bills on the web, it helps to store all information that has been carried out in every day’s human life.

But after the release of updated version of this Quicken app, some people find troubles like Unable to Open Quicken 2018 after Updating on their devices. To help you with that, here we provide some tips that will make your device to perform well even the update of Quicken app.

Possibilities for Quicken 2018 After Updating Issue

  • In most cases, it might cause because of the poor installation of the essential packages in the software
  • Or it may be because of the given instruction that’s been provided with your Quicken ID

Of course, this app is the safe and more secure when it comes to recording your money matters in everyday’s life. If the problem arises with the quicken app, it is the first thing you need to do is that to have a check on your Quicken ID and your Quicken password.

To do this step, do the following

  • First, sign in to Quicken page
  • Click Forget Password button
  • Now enter your Quicken ID and press submit
  • Then, you will be received with 6 digit security code, enter that in the respective box
  • Now choose your password and enter it

How to solve issue Unable To Open Quicken 2018 after Updating?

If you have met such problem on your smart devices, here are given some of the methods that you can do to fix this issue.

  1. At first, disable any antivirus and firewall temporarily from your devices

Since the app antivirus and firewall, product may block your Quicken software from running. So they need to be disabled from the devices or you need to perform changes on setting top to enable Quicken as the safe program

  1. Then try reinstalling the update package
  • Go to the play store and try reinstalling the Quicken latest version
  • Then download and install
  • After installation, restart your smart device
  1. If the above method doesn’t resolve issues, try opening Quicken file without using data file
  • To perform this, hold ctrl+shift at the same time on your keyboard and double-click the Quicken icon
  • Continue to hold ctrl and shift button until the Quicken app responds for opening with black screen
  • If the black screen, it indicates there may be a corruption of data file that’s keep blocking quicken app from opening
  1. So follow the below steps to restore the data file
  • Go to File> File Operations > Validate and Repair for validation
  • Check Validate file and click OK
  1. Alternative method – try starting quicken in silent mode
  • Press ctrl+shift and double click on quicken icon
  • It enables quicken app to open
  • Validate data and check
  1. If quicken app doesn’t open after this, then try
  • Remove your quicken app
  • Reinstalling the Quicken app
  • Activate your app

If you are still unable to open this app after following all the above steps, then please contact the professional service provider. While you do these methods, in most case the problem will get solved. But in case if you face issues even after following those steps then it is the best choice to contact the service provider.

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