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Troubleshooting The Blinking Light Issue on Your Belkin Router

Belkin Router Support

Nowadays there are many routers are available in the market. But the Belkin router is more popular and well-known among the people. It is one of the famous brands in the market for producing premium network-based electronic devices. The company used to manufacture all types of wireless and wired routers at the lowest price. Most of the people nowadays are using this brand device to get a speedy internet connection. But these types of routers are a more complex machine with the mixture of software and hardware.

Are you facing any issues in your Belkin Wireless router? Do you need to fix your router issues without any hassle? Are you looking for the best way to resolve your problem in the Belkin router? If so then you are the right place. We are always there to aid at any time. We provide reliable and cost-effective services to fix your problems easily and quickly.

The reason why the LED lights on router keep blinking

The LED lights are the only way on the router to communicate with you. That is the pretty and good way to communicate. The Belkin router has the similar LED for the indicating the status of the internet connection whether it is running properly or not. The power on LED generally stays for the full time to show the system whether it is running correctly. For the connectivity, the blinking activity is kept for the connection. Due to some issues, the LED lights on your Belkin router keep blinking.

Status Light of Belkin router

Generally, the Belkin routers have the LED (Light Emitting Diodes). This LED indicates the connection and status of your device. Here you can get the various Belkin router lights and their behaviors on it. On the front panel, the Belkin router status is indicated by the light.

  • Off – The router is not well plugged into the source of power
  • Blinking green/blue/white – The router is booting or starting up
  • Solid green/blue/white – This shows that the router is connected to the internet.
  • Blinking orange – If this shows, it means the Belkin router cannot able to detect the modem. This issue occurs whether the modem is OFF, unresponsive or not well-plugged into the router.

How to troubleshoot the LED blinking light issue on your Belkin router

If your Belkin router has the complete installation but you are not able to browse the web or internet. Well then check the status of your light. If the light on your front router is blinking orange, then to overcome this issue we have provided the simple and easy steps to troubleshoot the lighting issue by yourself. These steps will help and useful for you to fix you’re blinking light issue on the router.

Step 1: Initially make sure that your router is connected to the modem with the Ethernet cable through the routers internet port of WAN

Step 2: Then unplug your router power supply

Step 3: Wait for 10 seconds and then plug it again in the device. This will cause the Belkin router to restore communication with the modem.

Step 4: After resolving your Belkin router and select the accurate internet connection type

Step 5: Test to modem connection by connecting the device to the modem

Step 6: And then update the Belkin router firmware

The above are the simple steps to troubleshoot your LED lighting issue on the Belkin router. If you are facing some issue or cannot able to browse the internet after doing these steps. Then you can contact our Belkin router technical support to overcome from this issue completely.  We are here to aid you for the 24 hours at any time. Our experienced and skilled experts in the technical support team will provide the suitable and proper solution to fix the LED blinking light issue on your Belkin router

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