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Resolve the error “Windows cannot connect to the Printer”

HP printers are one of the dominating products in the market of its same category. Because of its reliable technology, the users generally prefer to use HP printers. Every machine is prone to damage and some specific errors are there which occurs while using it, sometimes the users may face error “window cannot connect to the printer”. So our HP Printer Support is always there to help the user base.

Due to improper configuration of the printer with the system, these errors appear on the screen in form of the users, so to fix out it the users need to look whether the printer is configured or connected with the PC. We are providing the step by step method to troubleshoot this issue that will help you to turn your HP printer online. By following the below-listed steps you can easily configure your printer again with your system.

Resolve the error “Windows cannot connect to the Printer”

If your printer is connected via a shared connection to your system, and you are configuring that printer to a different PC then the following steps you can follow:

  • First, go to the start button type search Add Printer after clicking on the start button and select Add Printer Wizard.
  • Choose the printer which is to be configured then click to A network Printer or a printer attached with other PC

Hit on the next button and tick mark the checkbox Connect to the printer. Put the key path to your shared printer by using “\\” before the system name on which the machine is shared and followed by “\” and the name of your printer

Now the users would be able to connect with their office or home printer. Still facing the error “Windows cannot connect to the printer” then try to add it as a local printer.

  • Open the Add Printer Wizard, tick on the checkbox that shows Local Printer attached to this computer, after that remove the selection from automatically detect and install my Plug and Play Printer.
  • You will see on the screen a checkbook which shows create a new port and choose Local Port. You have to type the name of the Port and then type the path in the respective field.

How to troubleshoot Network Printer

In the situation when the printer is connected with a LAN, a Local printer attached to this computer has to be selected and create a new port by clicking on the checkbox. Select Standard TCP or IP Port instead of selecting a Local Port option then put a key in your Printer’s IP address.