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How To Resolve HP Printer Cartridge Jam Issues ?


If you are using HP printing devices, you would generally express satisfaction with the products from this manufacturer. This company offers excellent ranges of products or services. From Inkjet printers to the modern laser printer, you shall get all sorts of options from this manufacturer. You may come across certain errors or issues while working with this printing device. Among those errors or glitches, you shall notice that HP printer cartridge jam is a prominent issue. Now, the question is how can you get rid of this problem? What is the procedure to resolve technical errors with HP printing machine? You can find complete guidance in this regard in the following section.

Resolving HP Printers Cartridge Jam Issue

HP printer cartridge jam is such an issue which could be faced with different models of HP printers Support. From inkjet machines to laser printers, this issue could be commonly faced by many people at different points in time.

What should you do to resolve this problem? Well, you have to follow some simple steps.

Those steps have been discussed in the following section of this writing:

Step 1: At the first step, you have to be prepared for the process. To start with, at the first place you should turn off your printing machine from HP. Once it has been turned off by pressing “OFF” button, you need to go for the rest of steps as mentioned below.

Step 2: Wait some time and then turn on the printer device by pressing and holding power on button on your device. When you have connected to the printer, you need to go for a test printing process. Take any document and try printing it. There is no more worry if test print is successful. If not, you need to follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue. Check your computer screen and make sure that it is showing the same cartridge jamming issue.

Step 3: To troubleshoot HP printer cartridge jam, you need to turn off your device first. When it is turned off, you need to go for removing the plug from wall socket and from your computer.

Step 4: Now, check rear access door of your printer. If you notice any clogged paper there, you should pull it out carefully. Make sure it has been removed perfectly. If the portion of this clogged paper remains in there, you should go for resolving the problem carefully.

Step 5: Now, you need to open the front lid or top lid of your printing machine. To open it, you should check the manual of your printer’s model. Different printers from hp printer Support come with different design or structure. According to their design or structure, the system for opening top lid varies. Hence, checking product manual is important before going for opening the top lid of your printing machine.

Step 6: Once the top lid has been opened up, you need to check interior. There, you need to find any paper jamming problem. Check the areas of input or output tray to locate paper jamming. If not, the paper may have been jammed below the cartridges.

Step 7: At this step, you need to take out the cartridges carefully. For the same task, it is essential to follow the guideline that has been offered in the product manual. Failing to follow the guideline may cause some immense damages to your device. As a result, you would eventually have to make certain expenses to resolve the problem.

Step 8: Once paper below the cartridges have been removed, you should reattach cartridges carefully. Now, close top lid and thereafter plug in the printer.

Step 9: Before going for test printing, you should check printer alignment. Follow printer alignment in order to make sure that cartridges have been placed inside the device neatly.

Step 10: When alignment has been corrected or checked, you need to go for printing documents. The normal printing process has to be followed.

HP Printer Cartridge Jam Issues

If cartridge jamming issue seems to be persisting, you should contact repair service. A professional service provider will resolve HP printer cartridge jam with perfection.

Get tips and tricks to install or uninstall HP support assistant to manage HP device. Use this assistant utility to connect with a reliable HP support immediately.

HP printer cartridge jam may be a constant problem when rollers inside printer have been damaged. This is the case for laser printer users. Inkjet printer users may face this problem constantly due to many possible reasons.

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