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Panda Antivirus Support

panda antivirus support

Panda Antivirus Support, Panda Customer Support

Panda Antivirus Support is another leading brand name in the Panda Antivirus Support. The company has a strong consumer base with over 30 million users in over 180 countries. Panda has been in business since a couple of decades and has been featured in the Gartner’s magic Quadrant for endpoint protection platforms. The company’s antivirus software and other security solutions have seen a lot of praises from many critics over the years. Just like other leading antivirus companies, the Panda Customer Support is available 24 x 7 and is well renowned.

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How to Find Panda Antivirus Support?

  1. Open the Panda Antivirus Support web page for your region
  2. Select the category of support –Support for Home Customers; Support for Business Customers
  3. Search for your requirement directly in the search bar on the top of the page
  4. Or, browse through the various sections and find the right Panda Customer Support instantly

Panda Antivirus Support for Home Customers

The support page for Home Users is categorized into the following sections:

  1. Quick Connect – Panda encourages all of its consumers to instantly connect with its technicians at any time for an instant problem resolution. Going for a direct interaction on a call with the technician is always preferred over browsing the website to look for probable solutions. It allows each user to quickly resolve the problem at hand and saves time. The company also operates two separate lines for standard and premium support categories. While the premium service is available 24 x 7, the standard service is available five days a week, 9 hours a day. You can also drop in an e-mail to the Panda Support team and they’ll get in touch with you. 
  1. Panda for Mac/ Android/ Windows – Jump to these sections if you are seeking support for your Windows, Mac, or Android devices. Simply select the product from the list and explore the knowledge base for solutions to your problem.
  1. Getting Started – This is the section that explains what to do and what all things to take care once you have a bought a new Panda product. Things like activating licences, or registrations, setting up, etc. are covered in this section.
  1. Frequently Asked Questions – Just like any other support page, the Panda team offers some FAQs for your perusal. Browse through the list of the questions and you should be able to find a solution in this section – if your concerns/ problems are generic in nature. This section also contains information on how to update your Panda products to the latest versions; renewals; and account settings.
  1. Disinfection Tools – This section covers the Cloud Cleaner service by Panda which allows you to remove viruses from your computer.

 Panda Antivirus Support for Corporate Users

Panda security offers an exhaustive knowledge material for corporate users on its official website. On the support page you can find the following sections:

  1. Quick Panda Antivirus Connect – Just like quick connect services for individual customers, Panda runs a dedicated helpline for corporate consumers as well. The company offers a standard support helpline which you can use to dial-in and speak to a technician. This will allow you to resolve your enterprise security issue quickly. Alternatively, you can drop-in an email to the support team and wait for assistance.
  1. Enterprise Antivirus Solutions – Look up for this section if you need support from any of your antivirus related concerns. Select the relevant category such as endpoint protection, e-mail protection, etc. and browse through the knowledge base.
  1. IT Management – this section features support for all kind of issues with systems management and more.
  1. Advanced Threat Protection – this is a dedicated section for the ‘Adaptive Defense 360’ product.
  1. Panda Antivirus Live Chat – The company also offers a live chat service on its support page. You can contact an executive directly via chat and get instant support.

Our Other Antivirus Support Services and Toll Free Number: +1800-303-2439

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