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Norton Liveupdate Has Completed With an Unknown Error


If you’ve come across this error, it may have been caused due to incorrectly configured system settings or the Windows registry may have some irregular entries. Some of the common causes for this error are improper or failed installation that may have left invalid entries in Windows registry, virus or malware attack, improper shut down of the system, etc. In a nutshell, the error occurs when the Norton LiveUpdate application is not able to perform an action normally.


Each time this error occurs, it is accompanied by a numeric code like Error: (8921, 240). A unique error code is assigned to each type of error. The error code helps in finding out the details of the error, why it happened, which application or component stopped working, etc. The error code helps the manufacturer in deciphering the exact issue and helps them in suggesting the right fix for it.


  1. Start the Norton application
  2. In the main window – click on Security
  3. Click on LiveUpdate – should run automatically
  4. Once the LiveUpdate is complete – Click OK
  5. Run the Norton LiveUpdate till the time the message is displayed that your Norton protection has the latest updates
  6. Exit the application
  7. Restart your computer

The above steps should have solved your problem. However, if the issue persists, move on to the next steps under ‘Remove & Reinstall Norton’.


Norton has a built-in tool to diagnose and fix problems with your Norton products. The tool automatically detects any issues that may have occurred while installation. It also detects and fixes the services that are not functioning optimally on the computer.

  1. Start the Norton application
  2. In the main window – click on Help
  3. Click on Get Support
  4. This opens Norton Auto-Fix tool
  5. The tool should detect & fix problems, if any

If the issue persists, move on to the next steps under ‘Remove & Reinstall Norton’.


  1. Download Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool from the company’s website
  2. This will download a .exe file in the name of NRnR
  3. Run this program/ tool
  4. Read through the license agreement
  5. Agree to the terms
  6. Click on Remove and Reinstall
  7. Continue
  8. Restart
  9. Follow the instructions on screen to reinstall Norton on your computer
  10. Run Norton LiveUpdate

This should fix your problem and the error message will not crop up again.


Many third-party websites also offer independent repair tools custom made for such issues. These repair tools can fix the problems for you without much of a hassle. These tools are specifically made for those users who are not quite comfortable with the technicalities involved. Search the internet with the error code/ name of the error and there are high chances you’ll find one repair tool for it.

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