No display, Black Screen, blue screen – How to Fix Monitor Display Problems?

If you are experiencing Fix Monitor Display problems like the black screen, no display, or the blue error screen, here are some useful tips to fix the issue-

Computer is asleep

It is common for the system to go into sleep-mode after a long time of inactivity. Try pressing a few keys on the keyboard or the mouse to wake the system up. Although you might already know about this but it is still worthwhile mentioning it here, especially for beginners.


Check the Power Supply

The first step is to confirm if the monitor is correctly connected to a power supply. More often than not, a loose power cable is the reason for losing the display. Ensure that the monitor has an active power supply – this can be indicated by the LED light on the power button. If the monitor is on, press the menu button to open up the built-in controls. If nothing happens, then you have a faulty monitor, refer to a technician. You can re-confirm this by using an alternate monitor (if you may have one).


Check the Cables

If the monitor is working fine, check the cable and ensure that the monitor is properly connected to the CPU. Whether it is a VGA or a HDMI, cables can get detached, causing the loss of transmission. You should also check the cables for any defects/ breakages. Try using a different cable to verify if there’s an issue with the cable you have been using. You can borrow a friend’s monitor or cables and check use them to verify if your monitor has malfunctioned. Alternatively, you can try connecting your monitor to a friend’s system. It is works fine, then the issue is with your system and not the monitor.


Check the Screen Resolution in Safe Mode

If you have accidentally set a higher resolution than your Fix Monitor Display can support, it’ll simply go blank. Restart your computer in Safe Mode and check the display settings. Once you push the power button, press F8 before the windows logo appears. This will open up the window with an option to start your computer in Safe Mode. Tweak the settings to a compatible display resolution and this should solve your problem. Start your computer normally and you’re good to go.


Oh! The Blue Screen

If you have a blue screen error on your monitor, chances are that your system has encountered a serious problem. This screen occurs when something vital in the computer has stopped working or gone wrong. While it can be a software issue, it can also be caused by a hardware failure. Restart your computer in Safe Mode, check the device manager for any hardware issues, check the drivers, and perform a scan for malware & virus. If you are not an expert or not comfortable in operating your system in Safe Mode and tweaking the system settings, get in touch with a technician immediately.

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