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HP Printers – Rectify the Network printing error on window based system

There is a number of users who are using HP printers in their workplaces, either it could be their office or their home. It is obvious and common to get into the trouble while using printers. Numerous errors they can face and even they don’t have any idea to fix that bug. In this post we are describing the methods to resolve the Network printing error on window, the users can follow the step by step process which will be shown in this post or in case of any confusion they can take the advantage of our HP printer support team who is committed to serve the customer and assures 100% genuine result.

A printer is connected in a network to the computer and helps to take the hard copy of the users’ document. If some time due to anonymous reasons the connectivity get breaks and the users become unable to take the printouts. This post will provide you the step by step guide to fix this Network printing issue.

Examine whether Router is working properly

Crosscheck all the wire are connected properly to the defined ports, if all are correct then make sure the setting of your router is correct, if this too is fine then unplug the power cord and wait for a minute then plug it again, sometime doing this only can resolve the errors and you will not need to go ahead.

In case this step gets fails then, check the network connectivity of your system, it may be altered if your window is updated. To inspect this follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the start button and select Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click on Manage Network Connections
  • Choose Properties option from the menu which is pop upped after Right Clicking on your connection icon and put administrator credentials for the verification.

Link your system with Wi-Fi

If you want to create a connection using WI-FI which can be useful for the user in case they are unable to connect with the network using cable. Follow the steps if you cannot connect to wireless network,

  • Check the connection of your modem if it is not connected properly then fix it.
  • To diagnose the problem, click to Diagnose and Repair option followed by clicking to the Wi-Fi icon the right side of the toolbar. Communicate with the tech support if you see the notification like Unable to Clear the DNS Cache.
  • You should check the functioning of the network adapter whether it is working properly or not. Go to the start menu then open Device manager then expands Network adapters and to open the properties of your adapter double click on it. Find the Device Status under the general tab and check the proper working of the adapter . The user should update the driver of the network adapter.

Fix the internet connection

When your network connection is fluctuating, the adapter may be instructed on Power Saving mode. To disable it following steps are listed below.

  • Go to the Adapter Properties and search for networking tab and click configure
  • From the Power Management tab, remove the tick mark from the checkbox and Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
  • Click ok to save the changes

Disable Auto tuning

It automatically resizes TCP windows, by disabling this it will restrict the window’s size to 65535 and can enhance the internet connection speed.

  • From the start button go the Command Prompt, then open it and select Run as Administrator from the context menu.
  • Type netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled in the command box and press Enter.
  • Finish the process by rebooting the computer.

Permit Network Sharing

  • The question arises that how to ensure that files and printer sharing between is enable. One thing you can do, go to Network and Sharing Center and on the Network Discovery then hit the apply button.
  • Open the File Sharing tab and enable it, then click to apply
  • If you open the Public Folder Sharing, two option will be there either you can Turn on the sharing so that anyone with network access can access and modify it or Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can open the files
  • Click to apply to save the changes.

Turn on Password Protected Sharing

In order to reset the settings, first of all, you have to create a similar user account for all systems for your work group then open Network and Sharing Center and search for Sharing and Discovery then expand Password Protected Sharing, click to Turn off and click to Apply to save the changes.

Resent the Settings of Network Sharing

  • Click the Start button and go to the properties of Computer by right clicking on it
  • New window panel will be open, in that search Computer name, domain and work group setting then hit the change setting option.
  • Find the Computer Name tab and click to the change under Member of the section then select Work group
  • If you want to connect with your existing work group, then type its name and hit the OK button to create a fresh work group.

All the steps provided above will rectify your network printing error and still you face any issue you can take help from HP printer support and our experts will take care of each and every issue related to your printer, you just need to call on our toll-free number which is popping up on the above of our website.