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HP Printer Technical Support

Hp Printer Technical Support, Hp Printers Support Number In USA

How Can We Help In Hp Printer Technical Support In USA?

Not just technical support for various technical errors that one may possibly face with HP printing machines, we also extend our support for those who are not well versed in using their printers. For example, some people do not know how to connect the printer to the computer. Some people do not know how to install driver software. We can provide complete guidance or HP printer support in this matter. Here is a list of some of the basic HP Printer Technical Support assistance services that you can seek when you call our support centre.

  • Device installation guide.
  • Instructions for installing driver software.
  • Guidance for updating driver software.
  • Assistance in finding CD key or product key.
  • Assistance for downloading driver software online.
  • Device operational guide.
  • Driver Related Issues of HP Computers


At different points of time, users of HP printers may face certain technical issues or problems. This is why we are here, offering professional and seamless HP Printer Technical Support for critical technical errors. Technical issues or glitches may occur due to many reasons. It is important to understand those reasons and then those issues are required to be resolved accordingly. Some of the common technical errors that users face with printers from HP are listed below:

  • We are trained and experienced to deal with the paper jamming problem.
  • You can attain guidance on resolving errors during installation of driver software.
  • You can seek help or support when you find error with your product key.
  • We fix different kinds of printing issues.
  • We can fix the problem when printing output does not appear as expected.

Our trained staffs are always there to help you with any sorts of issues that you may face with your HP printer. We pledge to deliver seamless HP printer support.


So, why should you opt for our support for HP printer? Well, you may check the following reasons:

  • We have a team of professional and trained individuals.
  • We are always available to help you.
  • You can call us or can join us for live chatting.
  • We offer guaranteed solutions for your printer’s technical glitches.

You need support for HP printer during busy working hours. Facing technical hiccups at such scenario is the worst thing that you may expect. This is why you need guidance as well as technical advice from our professional hp printer support executives.

  • Support for printer installation and configuration
  • Support for driver installation
  • Support for wired or wireless printer
  • Support for carriage jam on a printer.
  • Troubleshooting printing, copy and scanning issues.
  • Tech support for HP computers/laptops/Tablets
  • Internet and browser related issue with HP
  • Antivirus Installation and Updating Help
  • Low RAM and PC tune-up for HP PC
  • Slow Speed of HP Computers and Laptops
  • Malware and Adware Removal Support for HP
  • Virus Scan and Removal Support for HP
  • Network and Connectivity Problem of HP
  • New Product Registration or Activation Issue
  • Operating System Related Issues in HP PC
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connection of HP Laptop
  • Support for HP Tablet Apps Issues
  • Slow Printing of HP Printer & Scanner
  • HP Printer Connection Related Errors
  • Online Help for Paper Jam Issue HP Printer
  • Support for HP Printers, Scanners and Portables
  • Troubleshooting HP Computer Errors


There are so a lot of printer manufacturers out there, but only some manufacturers provide high quality products. HP Printer Support are also one of them; they are well-known because of their stability, stiffness, high quality picture and less ink consumption that is why they are very reliable for working hard. HP manufactures offer several printing devices such as, HP Photosmart series, HP LaserJet series, HP Color LaserJet series, HP All in one series or HP Multifunction series.

It is essentially designed for business or company needs because companies always need to print many data. But nowadays LaserJet printer is not only used by companies but also used for personal use. The reason is easy because they want to get their jobs done fast. It is a requirement for every computer user and people utilize it for printing envelopes, Reports card, photos and many more things. We can’t contradict its value.

The HP Printer Technical Support products are one of the best products if we talk about effectiveness, productivity, quality and reliability. However, with the passage of time, you might face some issues with the product that needs proper diagnosis and HP technical support. To resolve the issues that you face, online skilled technical support is always available. They have made a very easy method to get connected with our customers. By using only your Internet connection, they can fix any problem you may have whether it is simple or complicated, such as PC lockups, computer freezing and crashing of the operating system. The online HP Printer Support technicians will assist you in troubleshooting problems related to HP Printer Support like;

  1. Printer Plug and Play Errors
  2. HP Hardware Issues
  3. HP Software Conflicts
  4. HP Driver problems
  5. Support for HP Cartridge Alignment
  6. Adding printers to wireless network
  7. Help for HP Printing Preferences
  8. Quality Assurance

Optimum Geek Support Quality Management effort has resulted in approvals to such prestigious standards, being as the leading industry standard in industry from many years. Optimum Geek Support strives to provide HP Printer Support Satisfaction Through Continual Improvement.

How to Get Instant Hp Printers Support Number in USA

Printers are the most important peripheral unit that utilized Essentially HP Printer come in requirement since they produce ideal producing alternative via typical used in place of work as well as assignment work for you to family function HP Printer present best quality HP Printer supportHP Printer Customer Support Quantity gives you experts merely a telephone absent to face annoying trouble people encounter along with HP Printers Support

Hp Printer Error Codes

We have collected information related to the Errors Codes occurs while using HP inkjet or Laser Printer, you can find out which errors messaged you are facing on your home or office machine. We are providing detailed information about all the errors you can go through it and get the solution for that particular error. The technical term may be different for a different model but the troubleshooting solution generally remains the same.

Common Hp Printer Error Messages

HP Error Code (02) – It shows printer is warming up

This error is related to cable and driver of the printer, in this situation just turn off the printer and plug out the cable and plug in again. Update the driver if the printer shows “Ready” if not resolved yet then it is a problem of cable or there may be some chance of hardware issue.

HP Error Code (10) – It means Supplies Memory Error

If your printer is unable to read the toner cartridge chip, then this electronic information appears on the print cartridge. The users are suggested to reset the printer by turning it on and off if still problem occurs then remove and reinstall the printer cartridge otherwise you may have some hardware issue.

HP Error Code (11) – This is a paper out error

If your printer shows out of paper, it means some problem with a paper tray or paper sensor. To resolve it make sure whether your printer is on a flat surface or not. Clean the paper tray or check if it damaged, if not resolved then check the paper sensor or clean the optic-sensor.

HP Error Code (12) – It means Open or No EP

If you have properly installed the toner cartridges then it must be either a cover is open having defective cooling fans or PS5 sensors. In this situation you are suggested that check all the toners are installed properly otherwise you may have a hardware fault.

HP Error Code (13) – It happens when the paper is jammed

Paper jam issue can occur at four stages: pickup – printing – fusing – Exit. Some of the latest HP printers properly indicates that where the paper is jammed, if you are not using paper as per the HP paper guidance then check it or contact our HP Printer Support. Either you can follow the guidance or our executive can guide you. But don’t attempt to use any hard implements to remove the paper because it may damage your printer.

HP Error Code (14) – No EP Cartridge

Either your printer doesn’t have a toner cartridge or it is unable to read it, it suggested remove and reinstall the toner cartridge, it will get resolved normally.

HP Error Code (16) – It means toner is low
This error generally means that the toner is either low or finished. You can remove the toner cartridge and gently shake it while helping it to distribute evenly and once depleted, replace the cartridge.

HP Error Code (20) – Memory Overflow

This happens when the current capacity of the printer exceeds. The users need to decrease the size of the print job, it can be done by reducing the DPI or remove the tick mark from collating option in the printer driver, and also try to make the document simple and you can add some additional memory. Still, the problem occurs contact our HP Printer support team.

HP Error Code (21) – It shows the print overrun issue

You can follow the same instructions as it was given in the above section for error code (20)

HP Error Code (22) – Input/output Configuration

It might happen due to some communication problem between the computer and the Printer. You can try if connecting to a different port is possible on the computer, Try another cable and confirm that the cable is plugged in perfectly. And it may be some hardware issue.

HP Error Code (24) – Job memory full

It happens when too many print jobs have been sending to the printer it creates complexity and unable to process. The users are suggested to reducing DPI or remove the tick mark with collate option. Or you can install some additional memory.

HP Error Code (25) – XXX Memory Full

The solution of this error is same as the errors number code (25) and (20) to refer to that column or you can take help from HP Printer toll-free number.

HP Error Code (30) – PostScript Error 16

This issue is commonly related to the PostScript firmware errors. When the print is in bad PostScript mod it is also be triggered by PCL. In this situation, the reset the PostScript SIMM or you can also replace it. Now try to print another PS files to take out the bad file.

HP Error Code (30.1.1) – This Error shows the Disk Failure

It simply means that the printer’s hard drive has crashed. This issue can be resolved simply by pressing the SELECT button if it continues you may have a hardware problem.

HP Error Code (40) – Error with Data Transfer

This happens when the communication between the printer and the computer has been broken. In this situation, proper checking or replacing of the cable is required. Make sure EIO boards are seated properly if yes then check the IP setting of the printer is matching or changed with the drivers.

HP Error Code (41) – This error shows that there is a temporary print Engine Error

When the printer faces a temporary printer engine error and doesn’t worry it can be resolved easily, turn off the printer and leave for 30 seconds. Now switch it on and resend the print job if required.

HP Error Code (49) – It describes communication Errors or print Error

Depending on the model there can be various causes for this errors, which can be firmware errors, hardware issues or firmware errors. First, restart the printer if the problem still persists then try to update the firmware and change the printer cables, it still problem resolved unresolved then take help from HP Printer Support.

HP Error Code (50) – Fuser Error

The fuser of printer become faulty due to supporting circuit or power failure, the other issue indicates such as
50.1 Temperature is very low and failed to warm up.
50.2 This can happen due to a power supply or firmware issue, in this case, the warm-up period timed out.

50.3 Thermostat becomes too hot, due to a control circuit issue.

50.4 Due to bad AC line voltage fuser becomes faulty.

50.5 When inconsistent fuser is installed the printer detected the wrong fuser
50.6 when the heater cut off, the fuser become overheated.
50.7 Fuser motor drive doesn’t work and the mechanism of fuser pressure failed.
50.8 Fuser temperature becomes low and secondary thermostat measure the fault

50.9 increased fuser temperature (sub-thermostat)

All these errors can be solved under the guidance of an experienced technician; just dial our HP Printer toll-free number.



PHONE NUMBER: HP Printer Support +1 856-269-2666 (TOLL FREE NUMBER)