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HP Printer Offline

Resolve HP Printer Offline Issues, HP Printer Offline Support in USA

HP Printer Offline- This is one of the most common problem that appeared in today’s date. Most of the time when you try to print anything from your HP computer you may face some types of errors or your printer does not works to take out the print. There may be chances that there is a slow connection between the computer and printer.  Most of the peoples try to contact the technical support for solving this issue. But, don’t worry about that. We have a complete knowledge related to HP Printer Offline problem. In this article, we will guide you how you can solve this issue and what are the reasons behind this problem.  So, read the article carefully and fix the Hp printer offline problem in few minutes.

Why HP Printer gets Offline?

If you are facing this issue then there are many reasons behind it. We are not going to discuss all the reasons but can give some important reasons why most of the time this error appears. May be your HP Printer goes offline because of Network connectivity or outdated printer drivers.  You can check these both things before reading articles ahead. If these things are solved then try to print any document if printer works without any problem then its good.

But, still you want any solution then you can read about it below. Let’s start!

Method 1: Try to Make your Printer Online

Step 1: Go to Settings of your computer and there right-click on Printers option.

Step 2: Now, after right-clicking on Printer there you will see the option Use Printer Online click on it.

Step 3: Now, double click on the Printer button and after that go to Printers Menu, there click on the Cancel all Documents option.

Step 4: Now, reboot your computer and printers both the things.

Now, after following these steps your Printer will become online automatically. But, if you still facing problem then you can follow second method of Re-installing the drivers.

Method 2: Re-install Drivers

Step 1: Go to Settings and then click on Printers option to choose your printer.

Step 2: Now, from General or Details search from the Drivers button and then select it.

Step 3: Now, re-install the latest version of your printer.

Step 4: In the Settings option you have to select the printer which you want to remove and after removing it again install it from the Add Printer Wizard.

Follow the above steps properly. Try both the methods any one of them will surely work for you. If you have a wireless printer then also no problem, let’s know the fix of it.

How to Make Wireless HP Printer Online from Offline?

In your lifetime you may have once find that your HP printer stops working properly and unable to print the documents because it gone offline without any reason. But, don’t be hesitate about it. There are many ways which can help to solve this problem.  Here we are going to share the best and easiest way to solve the problem and make the printer from offline to online. Just read the steps properly and follow them on your operating system.

Step 1: First of all Restart your computer and printer. Because, rebooting is the best process which can brings the things in its real form.

Step 2: Now, after completing the restart process check the Network Connection between your computer and the HP computer, the connection must be connected in good manner.

Step 3: Now, after all choose the Administrator rights.

Step 4: Choose the Drivers and Printers from the Start button.

Step 5: Now, click on the logo of Printer and after that tap on See what’s printing option which will help to open the Spooler.

Step 6: Now, after that open the Printer option and then uncheck the Use printer offline option.

Step 7: That’s it all done. Now make sure that the printer becomes online.

Go to Experts for Resolve HP Printer Offline Issues

You just need a computer screen and mouse to resolve your HP printer offline issue. First check that ink cartridges are installed properly, ink and paper jams also. I suggest you to try to solve this problem first by yourself and develop some small skills in yourself.

Step 1: Click on the Start button and then go to the Control Panel.

Step 2: Now, the search box will be appear on the top-right corner. From there search troubleshooter.

Step 3: Now, click on the troubleshooter to resolve HP Printer Offline issue.

Step 4: Now, provide the prompts command and then wait till the troubleshooter diagnose your issue.

Step 5: Now, uncheck the option Use printer offline.

Step 6: Everything completed. Now check the status become online.

Hope after following troubleshooter method your HP Printer Offline issue is surely solved. Just follow all the methods step properly all are working method.