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HP or Brother Printer: Why One Is Not Behind the other?

HP or Brother Printer

Quality laser printers are essential for home offices and businesses for managing your documents and printing needs. Both Brother and HP are two of the more popular laser printer brands, and it helps to compare models and features if you’re looking at investing in a laser printer. While both create a variety of printers to fit your entire needs, the debate has evolved to a choice between saving time or money.

Variety : HP or Brother Printer

Both the companies offer a ton of variants when it comes to printers for home or for work. And while some of them are solely for fine printing, both the companies offer many hybrid machines that can scan, print, fax, & copy. Both HP and Brother have 20+ highly rated variants you can opt for.

Capacity: HP or Brother Printer

Most of the laser printers have one standard tray for paper input; however, there are some of the higher-end ones which have two, with the option of adding up to three more. Most of these paper trays have capacity of supporting up to 500 sheets of paper.The Brother HL-4570CDWT tops the chart with an 800-sheet capacity paper tray.

But then again, HP tops this off with its better built-in memory. The maximum built-in memory for Brother Printers is 128MB, while it can be 512MB for the HP LaserJet printers.

And while the best Brother Printer has a monthly duty cycle of 5,000 pages, the HP Colour LaserJet printer surpasses the Brother printer with a monthly duty cycle of 175,000 pages.

Performance : HP or Brother Printer

Both HP & Brother are excellent when it comes to printing performances. The Brother printers typically have printing speeds of 19 to 42 paper sheets per minute. For the HP printers Support, the range is somewhat similar at 12 to 52 papers per minute. The maximum resolution of the laser printers by Brother is 2,400 X 600 dots per inch, while it is1,200 X 600 dots per inch from Hewlett-Packard.

Pricing : HP or Brother Printer

Both HP and Brother have priced their machines at really competitive rates. While Brother Printers can be deemed to be costlier than their HP counterparts, but they surely cover it up within the long run if you consistently print large jobs. The HP printers can account for a higher per page printing cost in the long run.

Support & Service

Both HP and Brother Printers have an excellent support team and services that make them truly stand out from the competition. While the HP support website can be rated as the most user-friendly, the Brother’s support website has the most comprehensive knowledge database. Both the companies are enhancing their support services and are going beyond boundaries to ensure their customers have a seamless and effort-free experience.

Get tips and tricks to install or uninstall HP support assistant to manage HP device. Use this assistant utility to connect with a reliable HP support immediately.

Both HP and Brother create high-quality& durable printers, so you’re unlikely to be disappointed with whichever you choose.

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