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How To Update The Password On My Belkin Wireless Router

Update Password of Belkin Wireless Router

Before people access the Wi-Fi network, it will ask for the password to establish the network connection in Belkin Wireless Router. This password is called router administrator password. To get connected with the wireless network, you must know the following,

Steps to Change Belkin Wireless Router

  • Wi-Fi name
  • Wi-Fi security mode
  • Wi-Fi password for authentication

Even if you people have this password, not all users can change the settings of the router whereas only the administrator can modify it since it will ask for the administrator password. In case, if you admin forget the administrator password, then you need to reset or to update the password on the Belkin wireless router or any other router. But keep in mind that, while doing so, you may lose all previous settings of your router meaning that you may need to set up all the settings after resetting process had been done.

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Update Password Belkin Wireless Router

Here is how the simple steps on how to update the password on Belkin wireless router in case if you people have forgotten the password or you want to change your password that you kept for longer periods.

Step 1:

  • Launch a web browser

Step 2:

  • When the web browser is opened, type in the address bar as http://router or your router’s default address and then press enter. If this process doesn’t work, check your router’s IP address.
  • The default address for Belkin wireless router is
  • If you people have the Belkin router manager installed in your system, then you can quickly access it by doing a right click on it and then select Router settings

Step 3:

  • After this, you people will be asked for the router’s admin password to get logged in to the settings. Enter it as per your wish as a customized password. In case if have yet set up the customized password, then keep the field empty and then click submit button.
  • If not given your password, the router’s administrator password will be created and will get displayed on the web-based setup page.

Step 4:

  • On the top of web page and in the left of the navigation panel, click Security option

Step 5:

  • Now it is your turn, to change the WIFI password, do the following steps to get updated with the new password,
  • WPA/WPA2-Personal (PSK)-Now your current Pre Shared Key (PSK) will get displayed on the screen. This password will be your Wi-Fi security key password in the future. But if you want to change this generally created password, enter your preferred password in the pre shared key (PSK) field.

Note: the PSK field must be 8 to 16 characters and it is case sensitive. If you uncheck the Obscure PSK box, it will display the password that the user has entered.

  • WEP– from the drop-down menu, user can select 64 bit WEP. Then select key1 and enter any 10 hexadecimal digits. In case if you select 128 bit, the user must need to enter 26 hexadecimal digits. To do this, you can use any combination of characters like 0-9 and A-F.

As an alternative method, a user can also enter the preferred password in the Pass Phrase box and then click generate. Then the router will create a WEP key for you.

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Note: make note of the key that was given in the key 1 field. This will serve as your WIFI network security’s key.

Step 6:

  • Press Apply changes button
  • Then you will get a message as “password changed and created successfully” which will ensure that you have now successfully completed changing the password for your Belkin wireless router.

After completing the process and the changes have made, all the devices that are connected to your wireless router will get disconnected. Then, you have to re-establish the connection by giving the newly created password. To get more information about how to connect the windows computer to the wireless devices, refer our page and gain more useful information.


Resetting the wireless router or modem will delete or reset all settings from your network connection. So make reset modem option as your final choice.

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