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How To Update Lexmark Printer Firmware?

Update Lexmark Printer Firmware

These days most of the people are using the printers to take print out of the software documents. It is mainly used in offices, schools, hospitals, etc.  There are many brands of printers are available in the market so one can pick the best one for their needs. If you are willing to buy the printer, then the Lexmark is the best and perfect option for you. It is the most excellent printer for the quality and best printing. It becomes essential for every industry today. The Lexmark printer provides the clear lettering for the spreadsheets, brochures, reports and many other documents and sharp graphics. It produces crisp and high quality results to the users.

Are you in need to update firmware in your Lexmark printer? If so then you are in the right place. In the below section we provided step by step procedure to update the firmware in the printer.

Guide on How to Update Lexmark Printer Firmware

Generally, the firmware is the software code which is stored inside on the printer logic panel. It is used to control and tells the printer hardware how to function properly. So it is essential to update the firmware to enhance the printer performance very high and provide additional features in it. Here, by using following steps, you can update the firmware in your Lexmark printer by using the Update Lexmark Printer Firmware Utility. The FUU is one of the best methods to update the firmware. This method can be done through any connection types such as the USB, wireless or Ethernet. During the update process to get rid of the damage to the printer, don’t disconnect the USB cable or power off to the printer.

Do the following procedure before updating the printer

  • Sure that the printer is Ready state and no error should display on the screen of the printer
  • Check whether any options cards installed on the printer and updated firmware version

Follow the steps to update the firmware

  • Step 1: Initially run Firmware Update Utility and click on continue
  • Step 2: Carefully read the License Agreement and click on Agree to continue
  • Step 3: And then the Utility should display that the printer connected. Choose the Lexmark printer to update. If you know the IP address of your printer, you can enter it through the Add printer IP address.
  • Step 4: Click on continue
  • Step 5: Then the update process starts, a progress bar will display on the computer and then your printer panel needs to show Updating Firmware. In this step, you should off the printer till the update process is finish
  • Step 6: If the update process is finished, the service will post Firmware Update Summary and then the printer will power off and restart by it automatically. If the update failed or else need to perform again click on the retry.
  • Step 7: Finally, if the update was successfully completed click close

The above is the simple and easy steps to Update Lexmark Printer Firmware. All these steps will help you to update the firmware process without any hassle. If you need any additional help then you can our Lexmark technical experts at any time whether day or night. We provide reliable and cost-effective services to our valued customers. We update the printer firmware accurately on time. Our experts are well experienced and skilled so they are capable to solve any kind of issues in the Lexmark printer such as the installation, update, and many others.

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