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How To Update Firmware On My Computer?

Firmware is a kind of software that is immersed in a piece of hardware. However, it is not another form of term for software. All the electronic devices we use are developed by following these two things like, hardware that is inserted into them and the firmware that makes them work as such. It is embedded in the hardware devices so that it should do their work as per the user’s request. All electronic devices have firmware products including, smart phones, tablets, routers, smart TVs, etc. Like other software, firmware can also be developed and also can add additional features to make it more effective in its working.

Before updating firmware, a user must do the following,

Before starting the troubleshooting process, a user must ensure that their computer has connected to the router using an Ethernet cable for the regular and stable interconnection to prevent the updating process failure.

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At the same time, updating the firmware on a wireless connection lead to permanent damage to the router due to the irregular internet connection while processing. It is most important to keep back up of your router settings, before starting the update procedure.

If you people want to update the firmware manually, a user must do the following,

  1. Check the model and version of your router –at the bottom of the router, the model and the version number of the router can be found
  2. Download the firmware– before starting the update process of the router, a user needs to download and to save the updated firmware file from the Belkin Support site to your device or your computer. In case if you people met any issues while downloading it, try again from another web browser or try clearing the cache of your browser and do once again.
  3. Carry on with your performance of firmware update – firmware update can be done through the web-based setup page

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Regular update for the firmware is needed for its better operational functions and to fix some issues on the previous version. Updating the firmware will add some additional features which are not in the previous version. By updating a firmware, we can make a device as more effective functional one, and here are some of the best solutions for updating the firmware on any electronic device. With the help of updating firmware, it also helps to resolve problems that the previous version of firmware may have.

Step 1:

  • Launch a web browser and enter in the address bar your router IP address. User can also use http://router instead of the IP address. Then press enter
  • Belkin router Default IP address is “”. If it won’t work with yours, then check your router’s IP address

Step 2:

  • Then login at the top right corner of the web page

Step 3:

  • Enter your router’s password if you have already. Else leave the password field empty and then press submit button

Step 4:

  • In the left of the navigation panel, check on the utilities section. Under that click Firmware update

Step 5:

  • Click on browse button and search for the file or document you saved previously

Step 6: 

  • Select the firmware file and select open. Your file name may differ depending on the router version and model

Step 7:

  • Then press Update button to update the firmware software

Step 8:

  • User will get directed to continue to the update process… Then click on OK button

Step 9:

  • Then it will show the display box on saying don’t turn off or reboot your device until the update process is completed.
  • Confirm it by clicking Ok button.

Note: make sure that you should not turn off or unplug the router while updating the firmware

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Step 10:

  • Once the update process is completed, a user will be asked to wait for few seconds

Step 11:

  • Now click ok after the router is done its process

Now you have successfully completed updating your firmware

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