How To Update Firmware of Belkin Wireless Router?

Belkin is one of the leading and well-recognized USA-based consumer electronics manufacturers. They are engaged in routers, adapters, network switches, hubs, Apple accessories, and much more. All their products made of high-quality materials and innovative technologies to offer countless benefits for the users.

Are you using Belkin device? Do you want to keep the device the top status? If yes, then you should download and update Belkin drivers regularly.  To know the importance of driver update, we have mentioned a simple example below go through it.

You are using Belkin wireless router in your workplace to broadcast the shared internet connection. If the Belkin wireless router driver is outdated, missing, or corrupted, then your device may encounter many issues such as no internet connection.

This is where the importance of updating Firmware on Belkin wireless router comes into existence. Frequent driver update will ensure the system runs at the peak functionality and also remains compatible with all the devices.

In this blog, we will know everything about updating drivers on Belkin wireless router.

Download latest Firmware from Belkin support website

Before updating the drivers of your wireless router, you have to download the updated driver file from the Belkin support website and then save it to your device. It may be your computer, desktop, and laptop. To complete the driver upgrade, you will require this file.

Whenever it comes to updating drivers on Belkin wireless router, we used to follow the below mentioned steps. We also recommend you to make use of these steps to update the drivers carefully.

Before proceeding to the steps, ensure your device has an active internet connection. Then, disconnect your system from the router and then connect it to your DSL modem or cable directly because when the computer plugged into the router, it cannot go online.

Difficulties of using wrong and outdated Belkin router driver

Finding the Firmware for Belkin router manually can be wrong and tricky. This is why you require to know the exact technical detail of your wireless router and latest drivers installed on your system. If you want to find and update drivers automatically without any hassles, then install the latest official drivers such as DriverAssist so that you can keep your router drivers always up-to-date.

Getting wrong device drivers and accessing outdated drivers can make your PC confront problems now and future in terms of a system crash, slow performance, etc. Therefore, make use of the latest router driver for updating purpose.

Steps to download latest Firmware from Belkin support website

  • First, visit Belkin support site and then enter your device model number in the required field. Note: In case, you are unable to find the model number, then click on the how do I find my model number. This link helps you to locate the device model number
  • Scroll note the screen on the device’s support page. Choose file that you need under the downloads section
  • You have to click the download link on the support article page to save the file you require. Note: Downloadable files have different types of files. In such case, you see a short description on things to do when you are updating your Belkin router. If your downloaded file is in EXE format, then locate the file and double-click on it. After that, follow the on-screen instructions appropriately
  • Finally, click save you see a dialog box file download
  • Now, choose the desired location for the file to save and then choose save button. It is always recommended to save downloaded files in the desktop in order to locate it easily. You can even rename the file for easy identification.
  • A progress bar will appear on the screen now. This shows the download status. Once the downloading process completes, press close button and you may proceed with the driver update of your Belkin wireless router

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