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How to Update Brother Printer Firmware on a Windows Computer?

Update Brother Printer Firmware

Brother is a renowned brand in the printer services domain. The company makes printers for all kinds of uses – home or work. The printers are highly compatible with the Windows operating system and to enjoy a seamless experience, you must keep your firmware updated at all times. Having an up to date firmware ensures an optimum performance by your machine. To update brother printer firmware on a windows computer, follow these steps:

Things to Know About Brother Printer Firmware

Before you update the firmware of your Brother printer, keep in mind that it will delete some of the saved data from your machine. This can include secured print data, caller ID log, outgoing messages, journal reports, and a few more.

The firmware will not update if you are using a shared printer, or it the machine is connected to another printer. If you are using a network machine, the update tool might throw an error mentioning printer was not found.

Update Brother Printer Firmware

  1. Make a test print from your Brother Printer. If you’re unable to make prints, the firmware update will fail. You’ll be required to fix this before you can resume firmware upgrade
  2. Visit the company’s official website and check the support page to download the firmware update tool. Do not download any applications from a third party website
  3. Run the tool on your computer and follow the instructions on screen
  4. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet while the update tool is running
  5. A notification regarding the type of information collected during the upgrade will appear
  6. Read this information carefully & proceed
  7. A notification regarding the type of information that will be deleted will appear
  8. Read this information carefully & proceed
  9. You might be prompted to input the machine’s password, then click OK
  10. The process usually takes about 15 minutes of time
  11. Do not turn off the machine or your internet connection once the update process has begun
  12. Once the process is complete, a message for successful completion will appear
  13. Click on ‘Done’ and your firmware has been updated

If you already have the latest firmware, the message will appear that there’s no update is needed. If you are unable to update your Brother Printer’s firmware or having trouble with the process, you can refer to the video tutorials on the company website’s support section. You may also contact the Brother Printer Support team.

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