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How To Survive A Cash Crunch With Quickbooks Funding Apps?

One of the most complicated times for any small-scale business is short-range cash crunch.  A business can turn to be cash-challenged due to plenty of reasons such as longer account receivables cycles, volatile sales cycle and catering to the requirements of the rapidly-growing business. The key fact to meet up the cash crunch taking place in the business is through a small business loan. Invoice factoring is considered as the best choice for getting cash advance easily.

 Methods To Avoid The Problem Of Crash Crunch?

Quickbooks online will help you to easily resolve this issue by linking the apps with QuickBooks online & manage your small business. Fundbox, Bluevine & Quickbooks financing is known as small business financial applications.  To have a better understanding of these apps, you can easily download these applications online & synchronize with QuickBooks so that the app will make use of your QuickBooks information to provide you necessary data about financing like whether your business is applicable for financing & what is your credit limit.

The apps which provide multiple funding options, the service provider will inform you which funding project will be suitable for you such as whether it is a traditional small loan, a new line of credit or advance on unpaid invoices. Before you decide to download these apps, it is essential to connect with online QuickBooks or else create an account for online QuickBooks & the data must be up-to-date.  You need to satisfy your business criteria with every service provider. Ensure that you are familiar with the terms of loan condition before you commit.

Fundbox Quickbooks:

Fundbox offers the opportunity of flexible funding which is quite useful for your business growth & common-sense line of credit which provides small business with the best solution needed for the development. This app does not consume more time to get connected with the Quickbooks account. When your online QuickBooks account is linked with the Fundbox app then you can avail funding approval in few hours & avail fund as soon as possible either within the next business day of approval. After getting fund approval, the fundbox dashboard displays the detailed list of QuickBooks invoices.

You are now free to select the ones which you want to go forward with the fundbox credit as all details present within QuickBooks account. The business user can pay the fee for fundbox either weekly or pay flat and pay the whole amount anytime.

Bluevine Quickbooks:

If you are in need of quick funding for your firm then you can make use of bluevine app. it offers two options for the small-scale business such as credit lines and factoring. When you are applying for the funding online, it connects with quickbook in 10 minutes to approve the loan as quick as possible. This app creates a bank account & PO box in name of your business so that you will get payment from the customer directly. In most of the situations, the customers might not realize that they are paying to 3rd-party because the payments are made under your business name. Bluevine offers maximum credit lines of $100,000 in equal monthly or weekly payments with interest for 6-12months.

Quickbooks Financing:

Quickbooks financing comes with smart financing options such as lines of credit, invoicing financing, small business administration loan, term loans and many more. When you log in & search for the suitable option in one place without impacting your personal credit score. Quickbooks facilitates you to easily compare the terms and rates so that you can come to know about cost upfront without hassle. By fulfilled the business criteria, you are eligible to get fund within 24 hours. It is the best option when you suffer from the problem of a cash crunch.

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