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How To Setup Belkin Wireless Router?

Belkin Router Support

Among the various router brands, Belkin is the foremost Small Office Networking devices manufacturer. Belkin Wireless Router are the well suitable routers for the home-based usage. Because its durability and connectivity are enough to cover a certain range.

This wireless router enables the connection in the internal parts using Wi-Fi network and external internet using WAN link devices like Ethernet, PPPoE, and DSL.

When you buy Belkin wireless router means the guidelines to the Belkin router set up will be given but some users found it difficult to understand the steps. That’s why we have mentioned the end to end Belkin router set up procedure to you.

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Look for Setup Belkin Wireless Router:

  • Before going to make the connection for the Belkin router check whether you have
  • Internet Connection from Your Internet services Providers
  • Ethernet Cable ex: RJ45
  • A well-maintained system

Steps to setup Belkin wireless router:

You can use any method for Belkin set up but its worth to set up through manual set up since the user can access and change the settings of the router. These steps are applicable for almost series of the Belkin routers such as N150, N300, N600DB, N750DB and many more.

The installation process of the Belkin Router:

Step 1: Initially provide a connection between the Belkin Router and Power outlet and switch on it.

Step 2: By means of the allotted internet or Ethernet cable connect Belkin modern and Belkin router.

Step 3: Using another Ethernet cable provide connection establishment for the system and the router. (You can also use the wireless option if the additional cable is not there)

Step 4: After assigning the connection with the Belkin router similarly open any Browser which you have been installed on the system. And then type hit the enter button.

Step 5: Now the Belkin Router setup Page or Belkin Dashboard will appear on the screen.

Step 6: This step is the analyzing step in which your connected Belkin modern will check the Belkin router. After the monitor of the modem, you can change go to Wireless routers such as SSID the Network name to make any changes in the configuration settings.

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The configuration settings in the sense assigning a password to the network

Step 7: Direct to the Wireless Settings and change your network password if you need. After finishing the process don’t forget to click the Apply the changes option unless the changes won’t be applied.

Step 8: Once you make the change make your Belkin Router as well as your system to restart.

Step 9: After restarting your system is provided with the wireless internet connection and you can set to access at all.

Steps to solve any raised Setup Belkin Wireless Router issues:

In some case the Belkin set up will not be done in the single flow of procedure. it will provide some errors like

  • The Belkin router won’t accept or detect the connected modem. In this case, don’t add any additional steps just make your modem to restart. Repeat this process until it detects.
  • Also when you have only one internet cable to connect means, plug the modem with Belkin wireless router using the cable then switch on the router. Then your system will be detected with a Belkin network name.

Hit that name and the password section will be generated using provided default passwords or the reset key to make the connection. Then click on connect to open the Belkin router setup page. Through this, you can setup Belkin wireless router.

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Thus, we provide the complete format for setting up the Belkin router has been explained. You may find it long-term process but actually, it doesn’t take 10 to 15 minutes for the connection establishment.

Once you provide proper installation means you can control the settings of your router using Belkin router dashboard even can put the lock to your router. So try all the provided steps without leaving any procedure given by us. Through the proper installation only you can able to access the internet connection.

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