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How to Setup and Install Lexmark Printer, and Update Drivers

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Bought a Lexmark printer? Great choice! Lexmark is a renowned maker of printers for both home and work. Setting up a Lexmark is easy and quick. The company provides an installation CD alongside that you can use to quickly set up your printer. Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Set up the Printer

Get your printer out of the box, connect the tray, add paper, cartridges, and follow basic instructions in the user guide that came along in the box.

  1. Connect the Printer

Connect your Lexmark printer to a power Supply and switch it on. Allow the printer to get ready and connect it with your computer with the provided USB cable.

  1. Insert the Installation CD

You computer may have already detected the Lexmark printer. In most cases, the computer automatically looks for a related driver/ software in its repository and installs it (plug-and-play). However, if it did not automatically install it, use the Installation CD that came along in the box.

  1. Run the Installation Wizard

Execute the installation program, read through the terms carefully & proceed with the installation process. The steps in the installation wizard are self-explanatory and you should be able to run it smoothly. In case of any doubt, use the standard/ recommended setting and install your printer.

  1. Register Your Printer

Once you’ve installed the printer software on your computer, visit the Lexmark’s official website and register your product. This helps you in ensuring the warranty and also helps the company in providing you the best after-sales support services. Deferring this step for a later time is not recommended.

  1. Print a Test Page

Indeed! Ensure that your Lexmark printer has been set-up correctly. Make a couple of prints (colour & b/w) to ensure your printer works smoothly. There is also a test print functionality in the software you’ve just installed. If in case you’re not able to make a successful print, restart your printer and ensure all the cables and cartridges are intact, check the paper tray and try again. Refer to the user manual to cross check if you’ve missed anything.

  1. Find a Service/ Care Pack (optional)

You may also look out for opting-in to an extended service pack/ care pack offered by the company. These packs offer extended warranties and other benefits at reasonable costs. This is an optional step and you can always choose to skip it for the time being. However, do browse through the various service pack options available for your product.

Updating Lexmark Printer Drivers

  1. Visit the Lexmark’s official website
  2. Click on Customer Support
  3. Go to Drivers & Downloads
  4. Select your Product from the list
  5. Choose your operating system
  6. Select the version (32-bit or 64-bit)
  7. Choose a language and hit submit
  8. Find the latest drivers & download

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