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How to Resolves Epson Printer Common Errors Codes


In the present scenario, most of the people are using the printers for the business purpose as well as at the home. There is a wide range of printers are available in the market such as the Canon, HP, and much more. But the Epson printer is the best and right choice. It is because this type of printer is manufactured with latest & advanced technology and unique features to the customers. As well as it gives the high-quality printouts to the users.

Even though this printer is made up of the latest advanced technology but sometimes printer may occur some common errors codes in it. There are many common error codes are available in the Epson printer. Each and every error code has the different steps to solve it. Are you facing any errors in your Epson printer? If so then you are at the right place. In the below section we have provided simple steps to fix your errors in an easy and simple way. As well you can get how to resolve printer common errors coded easily without any hassle.

Some Common Epson Printer Error codes and Solutions

When the printers are sometimes corrupted then the errors may occur while you working with your printer. Each and every code has the own meaning and has a specific way to resolve it. These types of errors can lead the printer to work slowly. Due to these kinds of errors many users facing many freezes and crashes. Here we provide the common error codes and its solutions.

  • Error W 01

When the Epson printer service life is coming to the end, then this type of errors may occur. To solve this type of issues the user need to renew the Epson printer before the time

  • Error W 02

This kind of error has shown when the paper has jammed in the printer. To resolve this type of problem the user needs to remove all the papers carefully from the printer

  • Error W 04

When the cover of the printer cartridge opened and the user tries to close it, then this error may occur in the Epson printer. To fix the problem stop the printer from the printing process.

  • Error W 05

The kind of issues shows when multiple pages have fed wrong in the tray. You need to reload the multiple papers before clicking on the start button to fix this issue.

  • Error W 11

This error show when the ink cartridges are not correctly installed in the Epson printer. Fix the ink cartridges properly to solve this issue.

  • Error W 12

When the ink cartridges cannot be recognized on the LCD screen then this error may occur. You need to replace it fix this kind of issue.

The above are the common errors codes occur in the Epson printer Support. Their solutions are given with it. So the user who faces this kind of common errors can make use of the simple and easy solution to fix it. If you still facing the error in your printer after doing it, then you can call our Epson technical support team to fix your problems quickly and easily. We are always there to help you at any time.

Steps to Resolve Epson Printer Error Code 0x60

The user may trend to face some issues in the Epson printer. One of the main problems is the error code 0x60. Here you can get steps to resolve this kind of issues

  • Clean the Sensor in the printer
  • Remove the paper jam
  • Then remove the entire external component
  • Dismounting the ink
  • From the printer device remove the front panel
  • Work with the Ethernet

We are always there for you to fix your issues. We provide 24 hours technical support services through the phone, live chat, and remote assist. So call us at any time when you need our service.

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