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How to Resolve the Brother Printer Error 46?

Resolve the Brother Printer Error

One of the most common errors people face with a Brother printer is ‘Error 46’ or ‘Unable to Clean’. This error is caused when the ink absorber pad of the printer is full and needs to be fixed or replaced. This is a vital part of your machine as it absorbs the excess ink that sometimes builds up during the printing process. This is a normal operation and such an absorber can also be commonly found in some Canon printers too.

If your Brother printer is still under warranty, then you should certainly contact the company’s support services & let the technician fix this for you. However, if your warranty has expired, don’t worry. Fixing this error is easy & can be done by anyone, try these steps: 

Purge Counter – Brother Printer Error 46

All Brother Printers have a purge counter that keeps a count on the number of prints and self-cleans that the printer has gone through. This is essentially done because the software cannot figure out when the ink absorber is full, so it calculates the probable usage & anticipates its status. There is a high chance that ink absorber is not yet full but the printer shoots the error message. This is prompted by the purge counter and resetting it can help you fix this error. 

Maintenance Mode – Brother Printer Error 46

  1. Turn off your printer hold down the Menu/ Set/ or Start Button on your printer
  2. Keep the button pressed and turn your machine back on until you see the maintenance mode message on the screen of your printer
  3. Your printer is now in the Maintenance Mode

Reset Purge Counter – Brother Printer Error 46

Resetting the purge counter is easy, but the method varies with different variants. There are two kinds of printers – one with a numeric pad like mobile phones (these can also send fax) and the other which has buttons but not numeric numbers.

If you have a printer with numeric pad, follow these steps to reset the purge counter in the maintenance mode:

  1. Press 80 to open the Options menu
  2. Scroll through the menu options using the arrow buttons
  3. Find the Purge Counter in the menu which will display a number
  4. Now enter 2783 and you’ll see that the number next to Purge is set to Zero
  5. Press the Exit/ Stop button to get back to the main menu in the maintenance mode
  6. Press 99 to exit maintenance mode and restart your machine

If you do not have a printer with numeric pad, follow these steps to reset the purge counter:

  1. Use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll through the numbers
  2. Scroll to 8 and press Ok/ Set, then scroll to 0 and press Ok/ Set
  3. It will open the same menu – scroll through the list and find Purge with a number next to it
  4. Use the Ok/ Set button again and press 2,7,8, and 3 one by one and you’ll see that the purge counter is reset to Zero
  5. Restart your printer

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