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How to Resolve HP USB Printer Setup (Windows)

Resolve HP USB Printer Setup

Have you bought a new HP printer to perform your printing task? Do you have confusion in connecting HP printer to Windows through USB? If so, then do not panic. You will get complete guidance on HP USB Printer Setup in Windows from here. All you have to do is simply follow the steps mentioned here. You should have you have to install the full feature HP driver to get supported features from the USB connected printer.

Steps for HP USB printer setup in Windows

For HP USB Printer Setup in Windows, follow the below mentioned steps.

Prepare for the printer setup

Before printer setup, you need to check the device requirements and then delete already installed printer versions from the windows device.

  • Before start printers setup, confirm whether your device has following requirements
    • The HP printer is turned on and it is available in the ready state
    • Get a USB cable, which is less than 3m in length i.e. 9ft 10in
    • Check your device has a USB port. If it is available, then connect to the docking station or USB hub. When you do not connect correctly, the printer might not able to receive adequate power to operate
    • Before install the HP drive, if you connected the USB cable to the device, and then continue the following steps to remove the HP printer from the installed windows device to make sure the successful printer setup. Or else simply skip to the next step to install the printer driver
    • Now, disconnect the USB cable from the windows. Make sure that you should not connect the USB cable until prompted at the time of driver installation setup
  • In windows, search for devices and then press devices and printers on the control panel setting
  • Next, right click on the icon of your HP printer model and press remove device. If you see multiple icons available for the printers, then remove all of them.
  • Finally, close the devices & printers window and continue to the further steps mentioned here

Install the printer driver and set up the connection

In order to complete the USB connection, you have to download and install the suitable printer driver for HP printer model.

  • Visit and then enter your HP printers Support model. After that, follow the prompt instructions on the screen to download your printer setup driver. Based on your printer model, you can download HP guided driver installation app HP easy start
  • Visit the HP customer support (software and driver downloads) and enter your HP printer model. If prompted, confirm the OS version is correct
  • Under the driver product installation software, press download and follow on-screen instruction to access the guided HP download & install assistant or simply choose download only to save and run the printer driver file from your windows device
  • Choose the printer connection option and select USB to complete the printer setup. Now, you can print, scan, or fax based on your needs.

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