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How To Reset My Belkin Wireless Router?

Reset My Belkin Wireless Router

Reset Belkin Wireless Router:

Belkin is a type of wireless router which will provide the connection by means of two mechanisms. That is:

  • Connection through the internals hosts via Wi-Fi
  • And connection by means of the external Internet via a WAN link like Ethernet, PPPoE, DSL or others types.

Additional supplements of Belkin wireless router:

The Belkin wireless router will able to assign the NAT, firewall and device whitelisting mechanism. Indeed it can able to reset in the hardware method also.

Who are we?

We will help in making any actions regarding your Belkin wireless router Support. The process might be of anything we will assist you with best instructions. Now we are going to explain about the procedural steps to reset the Belkin wireless router. Even the action is somewhat tough by means of our enabled steps you will find it easy.

Step by step procedure to reset the Belkin wireless router:

All the Belkin wireless router users find it difficult to enable reset operation. But indeed the methods of resetting the Belkin routers are simple. In case while attempting to reset via the actual options and it seems to be issued means then the method of hardware reset will perfectly suits. Since Belkin routers have the capability to reset via hardware method.

The direction of hardware Restart of Belkin Router:

In any accidental router issues use our below-mentioned steps they are:

Step 1:

Check for the Reset button which is situated on your Belkin wireless router most probably it will be presented in the back side of the router which will be represented with a term called Reset button.

Step 2:

Long press that Reset button for 30 seconds continuously after this action your router will stay as like and then change its Power/Ready light status from solid to blinking. Later sometimes the blinking power will also be turned off.

Step 3:

Now again push the Reset button between 10 to 15 seconds of time. This will make the Restore to Factory Defaults process. Remember that when you reset the Belkin router means the existing settings will have vanished and it will change over to the factory default settings.

Besides if you are not provided with accurate details for setup, the reset process won’t be performed.

Step 4:

By your press, the Belkin router will change its Power/Ready lights status from solid to blinking slowly. At present your Belkin router has been provided in the Restore to Factory Defaults condition. Literally, the router lights will flip to solid from blinking.

Here the router is restarted but we advise you to restart your system as well.

Software Restart procedure of Belkin Router:

We have allocated all the involved steps on the software rest of Belkin router. So you can follow these steps:

Step 1:

This step should be based on your action so that you need to go to the browser and then provide the port number of This will make the user interface action.

Step 2:

That port will direct you to one window where you need to hit the Login button. By following this enter an appropriate password which you have given for your router and finally give “Submit” button.

Step 3:

Now click a tab called “Utilities” through this click which will open the utility window

Step 4:

Here numerous ranges of options will be provided in that select the option of “Restart Router”

Step 5:

Hit the “OK” button for twice to confirm about the action of restarting the router. So the router will restart by means of the user interface. Once the reset process has been finished then the router will be restarted automatically.

Step 6:

To get the previous settings of the router just click on the Restore Factory Defaults” from the Utilities window and then given OK.

Step 7:

When you see the router’s user interface on the screen then understand that the setting is restored to factory defaults.

The above-given procedure is our featured and suitable method to reset the Belkin wireless routers.

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