How To Install Windows 10 Activation In HP Computer


Activating Windows 10 online seems to be the easiest and quickest method. If you do not have internet connectivity or inconvenient to make network connectivity then activate Windows 10 through the phone. If the present version of windows is not found authentic then you will be asked to activate Windows to the genuine version before installing windows 10 in hp. There are two types of windows installation such as online activation and telephonic activation. You can choose any of the means to activate windows 10 in your HP device.

Activate Windows 10 Online

To get windows 10 OS activation online, connect your device to the internet. The step involved in windows 10 activation online is given below:

  1. Log in to the HP computer as admin and connect to the internet
  2. Provide the product key in the specific product key field
  • If you used CD/DVD to install windows 10 OS, you will get the product key on the package. Apply for the windows 10 authenticity certificate label for your computer so that it serves an easy reference in future.
  • If you had purchased Windows 10 online, the product number will be available in the mail which you got after downloading windows 10

Windows will automatically detect whether you have mentioned valid product key

If the user account control message pops up, type your password or click confirmation.

  1. When you get the message Thanks, you have done everything successfully then click the close button

If the activation gets failed then try to activate windows 10 through the phone.

Activation Of Windows 10 Over Phone

If windows 10 activation online is not possible then activate the product by a telephonic conversation with Microsoft

  1. Using search box option on the taskbar, type slui 4 and then choose run command slui4 in search results.
  2. Choose your region or country, and then click next option.
  3. Call the number which displays on the screen on call & provides your installation ID, and then go as per the instruction from the telephone. Give your installation ID through the phone when prompted.
  4. When you are allotted with confirmation ID, note down the numbers
  5. Click the enter confirmation ID
  6. After entering your confirmation ID on the screen, type numbers in the fields as per the same sequence which you get in the telephone system. After that, click activates windows option.

If your activation gets failed then try to activate again through a phone call. Otherwise, try to activate windows 10 online.

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