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How to Install/Uninstall Norton Antivirus Software from Windows 10?

Norton Antivirus Support

Many sorts of antivirus software or applications are there these days in the marketplace. You would come across such programs that include a lot of interesting as well as advanced features. However, choosing the right antivirus software is not always a simple thing. This job has to be done with perfection, as antivirus will protect your system data from hacking, phishing and other malicious activities. It will help maintain the confidentiality of your computer data with perfection. This is why reliable antivirus like Norton has to be chosen. It can be purchased at the official website of Norton or local tech stores. Once purchased, you need to know the process for Norton Antivirus install/installation.

In the following section, the process of Norton Antivirus install/installation has been discussed in detail. It is to be remembered that Norton can be used by both Mac and Windows users. Thus, the installation process for both these systems should be understood. Along with that, it also needs to understand Norton Antivirus Uninstall. We shall provide guidance on that too in the following section.

Installation of Norton Antivirus Software

Before you purchase Norton Antivirus Software, you need to check the latest version which is available in the marketplace. Buying the latest version of this software is essential. If you do not purchase the latest version, you shall face some glitches. The newer version comes with advanced security. This is why it is always good to have the new version as it will deal effortlessly with updated virus or malware programs.

In the following section, let us check installation process at a glance. At first, we shall discuss the installation of this software for Windows.

Installation of Norton Software for Windows

  1. At first, you should obtain the product key for your purchased software.
  2. Now, turn on the computer and insert installation CD of your Norton antivirus to the CD drive. If you have purchased it online, you should start Norton Antivirus install in Windows by clicking on the Norton Antivirus setup file.
  3. Once you have clicked on setup, the process of installation will get started. A wizard shall be launched on your system. You have to follow installation guide on this wizard.
  4. Read screen instructions on the wizard and click “Next” button after selecting your preference.
  5. Soon, the installation process will begin and you just have to wait for it to get completed. Norton Antivirus install/installation will happen automatically. Once you have done with the installation, you need to follow some simple steps.
  6. Read screen instructions and then hit “Next” button. Eventually, at the final stage, you need to click on “Finish” button to complete the installation.
  7. When you open Norton Antivirus, you shall be asked to enter the product key. Enter it perfectly to complete Norton Antivirus install/installation.

Installing Norton Antivirus for Mac

The process of installation of this antivirus tool is rather easier with Mac operating system. Steps are truly simple and that is why it is more convenient that Norton Antivirus install in windows. So, here are the steps for you at a glance.

  1. You need to be prepared with the product key for installation. This key shall be required after installing this software to your computer.
  2. Turn on Mac computer and then wait for a few minutes.
  3. Enter Norton Antivirus CD to your CD drive. If you have purchased it online, you need to browse downloaded folder for this software. There, you shall find an icon that represents logo of this antivirus.
  4. You have to copy this icon. Now, you should go to programs folder on your Mac computer. Here, you just have to paste that icon. This will start the installation.
  5. It will take only a few seconds. When you are done, you need to restart the computer and then you should open Norton Antivirus. Once you have launched it, it shall ask you to enter the genuine or authentic product key. Entering that accurately will complete the installation.

It is pretty similar to Norton Antivirus install in windows, though it is easier and more time-saving.

The process to Uninstall Norton Antivirus Software

Right after knowing Norton Antivirus install in Windows and Mac we need to learn about the process of uninstalling the software or application too. In the following section, we shall find step by step process to uninstall this antivirus software.

Uninstall Norton Antivirus for Windows

For Norton Antivirus Uninstall, you have to follow the steps as mentioned below.

  1. Turn on your computer and wait for a few seconds.
  2. Now, hit “Start” button or Windows so that list of options will open up. From those options, you need to click on “Control Panel”.
  3. As soon as you enter “Control Panel” system folder, you need to click on “Add or remove programs”.
  4. If you double click on the aforementioned folder, you shall find a list of options for programs that are installed on your computer.
  5. From that list, you should select “Norton Antivirus”.
  6. At the right hand side, you shall find the option to remove and repair.
  7. To perform Norton Antivirus Uninstall, you should click on “remove” button.
  8. This will launch the wizard by uninstalling this tool.
  9. Like you have done during installation, you have to follow some simple steps. Those steps will help you to complete this process.
  10. When everything is done, click on “Finish” button.

This is the end of this process. Now, you need have to restart the computer. Once you restart the computer, you shall find that Norton Antivirus is gone from your computer.

Uninstall Norton Antivirus Software for Mac

Norton Antivirus Uninstall is simpler for Mac operating system users. You just have to follow a few simple steps.

  1. At first, turn on your system and then go to programs list.
  2. At the program list, you need to select Norton Antivirus.
  3. Now, choose to remove this software.
  4. This will take only a few seconds to remove it.

Now, your computer has successfully uninstalled Norton Antivirus Support. For more guidance or systematic approach for troubleshooting errors during installation, you need should get in touch with experts.

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