How To Install Norton Antivirus


How To Install Norton Antivirus

The antivirus plays the major role in order to protect the system from the malicious viruses. Norton can protect the system by detecting all the viruses and clearing that virus is named as Norton antivirus software.

The installation process of Norton antivirus software is very easy when compared to the other software. Here you can download the software from the Norton account and even if there is no account, one can able to create an account. Here the activation keys also available to install the software. In the official page the process will be standard, deluxe and premium.

Steps To Install Norton Antivirus:

Below you can find the clear steps to install norton antivirus

Step 1: Initially, one can able to install the Norton antivirus either via downloading or from CD.

  • From download:
    • Go to the official website and begin the downloading process. After the software has been downloaded, you can install it on your device.
  • From CD:
    • At first, the CD must be inserted into the CD-ROM drive.
    • Next, with the Norton antivirus software, you have placed a check on that box
    • After that, click next
    • By clicking the installation extension, the process will be automatically started.
    • In your folder, you can find the folder of Norton antivirus software after installation gets completed. Open and check the way it works.

Step 2: There will be a Norton community watch. You can skip this option by un-checking in case you do not want to join in it. This option will be checked by default itself.

Step 3: To start the installation process, click OK. You can also select your suitable installation locations and then proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Next process, you will find the user license agreement. Read it thoroughly and then you have to click OK.

Step 5: Then click agree on the option and then click install.

Step 6: The Norton antivirus software will be automatically launched after the process of installation gets completed.

Step 7: After the Norton setup/installation process, select activate the option.

Step 8: Edit the PIN number and then select Activate.

Major details of Norton:

Here there is a difference between the Norton internet security and the Norton 360 is provided. Initially, you must know that the Norton security services replaced the Norton 360. After knowing these details you can choose your best options that are available. The main reason for choosing the best option is because, on September 2014, the Symantec has launched the new services of Norton security services. The Norton Antivirus Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 have been entered into their final stage. Further, the Symantec had taken further steps to initiate other process based on the decisions of the customers.

Norton support service:

Even though these details are useful to the customer to know the details about Norton antivirus software, talking with the technical assistance is more useful. The main reason is that one can able to get more details when directly talking with them. During this process, you can ask all your queries to the technical assistance either through chat conversation or through phone conversation. Tech Support Help Desk Phone Number is available on the official website of the Norton.

Various factors:

Nowadays, there is plenty of antivirus software available which makes the individuals require the best one from them. In addition to this, the users are grabbing attention on the newest software application for their devices to undergo with ease. Of course, there are several antivirus software’s are available which allows the users to use it and protect accordingly. With extensive features, it enables the individuals to undergo the interface and installation process in a simple manner. It is named a best one and thus many people are using it for internet protection and others. Here there are only experienced and well-talented professional is available, in order to provide the customer with the best reliable and effective services. However, this makes the people to install the best antivirus software and have all users to access the premium version and others. So, this makes the individuals to install the best software that consists of Norton device security and privacy risks in it.

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