Canon is the go-to brand for many when it comes to buying a printer for home or work. The company is not only highly praised for the high quality of its products, but also for its world-class support services. On the Canon website, you can find a ton of information for instant support. The company also operates a dedicated call-centre to help its customers for all kinds of needs. Right from printer installation to troubleshooting, the Canon printer support team will ensure you have it all covered and enjoy a smooth experience.

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Finding online support for Canon printers is as easy as it gets. –

  1. Visit the Canon USA website and open the Support page
  2. Select the kind of support you are seeking
  3. Next, you need to enter your model number, or select your printer from the list
  4. Browse through the various support options
  5. Resolve your issue with the available resources

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The support section is quite exhaustive, and offers a plethora of content for you. In all, there are 10 sections offering information that you can use for troubleshooting –

  1. Drivers & Downloads – find optional & recommended drivers
  2. User Manuals – For Installation & other Basic details
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Product Specifications
  5. Product Advisories
  6. ‘How To’ Tutorial Videos
  7. Wireless Help (As applicable)
  8. What’s In the Box – List of Contents
  9. Compatible Accessories & Supplies
  10. Details on product warranty

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If you’re not sure which section to browse first, jump to the FAQs section first, you might able to find a ready solution for your problem. However, if you’re still not sure, you can simply browse through these sections one by one and explore further. The support section on the Canon website is extremely user friendly & well-thought out. By now, you would have been able to successfully resolve your problem.


If in case you still haven’t figured it out, don’t worry. Canon runs a dedicated telephone support service available 24 x 7. Visit the company’s website to locate the toll-free number & dial-in. Keep the relevant details handy (related to your product – such as model number or serial number). Explain the trouble you’ve gone through and an expert technician will help you out.


Canon also offers CarePAK service plans for all of its products. These plans are cost-effective and provide an easy-to-use additional coverage for your products. With these service plans, you can enjoy extended warranties, lower cost of repairs, express service and much more. To browse through the various Canon CarePAK plans that are available for your product, refer to the company’s website and check the Service Plans section. Alternatively, if you have already availed a service plan for one of your products, you can activate them via the same

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Canon LBP151DW Laser PrinterCanon MG3077S Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF605 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-C225 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP7018C Laser PrinterCanon TS3170 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF671 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-C130L Scanner Printer
Canon LBP7100Cn Laser PrinterCanon TS3177 Inkjet PrinterCanon L24 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-C230 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP7110Cw Laser PrinterCanon G1000 Inkjet PrinterCanon L36 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-F120 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP6300DN Laser PrinterCanon G1010 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF6410SE Large Format PrinterCanon DR-C225W Scanner Printer
Canon LBP251DW Laser PrinterCanon G2000 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF610 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-C130 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP253X Laser PrinterCanon G2002 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF 710 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-C240 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP611CN Laser PrinterCanon G2010 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF5100 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-M140 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP6680X Laser PrinterCanon G2012 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF6100 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-M160II Scanner Printer
Canon LBP7200CD Laser PrinterCanon G3010 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF650 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-6010C Scanner Printer
Canon LBP613CDW Laser PrinterCanon G3012 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF750 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-M1060 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP3500 Laser PrinterCanon G3000 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF771 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-5010C Scanner Printer
Canon LBP3500DN Laser PrinterCanon G4000 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF6300 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-6030C Scanner Printer
Canon LBP7200CDN Laser PrinterCanon G4010 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF6300S Large Format PrinterCanon DR-7550C Scanner Printer
Canon LBP8100n Laser PrinterCanon MG5770 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF6410S Large Format PrinterCanon DR-G1100 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP6780X Laser PrinterCanon MG5570 Inkjet PrinterCanon PRO-520 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-7080C Scanner Printer
Canon LBP654CX Laser PrinterCanon MG5370 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF760 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-7090C Scanner Printer
Canon LBP6030B Laser PrinterCanon MG6470 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF8410SE Large Format PrinterCanon DR-9050C Scanner Printer
Canon LBP6030W Laser PrinterCanon MG6670 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF6410 Large Format PrinterCanon DR-G1130 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP2900B Laser PrinterCanon TS5070 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF671M Large Format PrinterCanon DR-X10C Scanner Printer
Canon LBP7680CX Laser PrinterCanon MB5170 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF755 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-25 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP712CX Laser PrinterCanon MB5070 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF765 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-55 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP6018B Laser PrinterCanon MG7570 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF8000S Large Format PrinterCanon CR-50 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP351X Laser PrinterCanon MG7770 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF786 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-120 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP7780Cx Laser PrinterCanon MG6370 Inkjet PrinterCanon TX-5300 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-80 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP352X Laser PrinterCanon MG7170 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF8410S Large Format PrinterCanon CR-150 Scanner Printer
Canon LBP9100CDN Laser PrinterCanon MB5370 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF8300S Large Format PrinterCanon CR-120 UV Scanner Printer
Canon LBP841CDN Laser PrinterCanon TS8070 Inkjet PrinterCanon M25 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-135i Scanner Printer
Canon LBP8780X Laser PrinterCanon MB5470 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF771M Large Format PrinterCanon CR-135i UV Scanner Printer
Canon LBP5970 Laser PrinterCanon MX377 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF8300 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-135i II UV Scanner Printer
Canon LBP843Cx Laser PrinterCanon MX397 Inkjet PrinterCanon M40 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-190i Scanner Printer
Canon MF3010B Laser PrinterCanon MX477 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF815 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-190i UV Scanner Printer
Canon MF212W Laser PrinterCanon MX347 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF831 Large Format PrinterCanon CR-190I II UV Scanner Printer
Canon MF232W Laser PrinterCanon MX517 Inkjet PrinterCanon PRO-540S Large Format PrinterCanon SF-300 Scanner Printer
Canon MF241D Laser PrinterCanon MX527 Inkjet PrinterCanon PRO-540 Large Format PrinterCanon SF-330 Scanner Printer
Canon MF244DW Laser PrinterCanon MX537 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF8410 Large Format PrinterCanon SF-400 Scanner Printer
Canon MF221D Laser PrinterCanon MX927 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF825 Large Format Printer
Canon MF235 Laser PrinterCanon IP7270 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF841 Large Format Printer
Canon MF237W Laser PrinterCanon IP8770 IN Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF9000S Large Format Printer
Canon MF246DN Laser PrinterCanon IP110 Inkjet PrinterCanon PRO-560 Large Format Printer
Canon MF4750 Laser PrinterCanon IP100 Inkjet PrinterCanon PRO-560S Large Format Printer
Canon MF4720W Laser PrinterCanon iB4070 Inkjet PrinterCanon IPF9410S Large Format Printer
Canon MF4820D Laser PrinterCanon IX6560 Inkjet PrinterCanon iPF9410 Large Format Printer
Canon MF217W Laser PrinterCanon IX6770 IN Inkjet Printer
Canon MF2460N Laser PrinterCanon IX6870 IN Inkjet Printer
Canon MF249DW Laser PrinterCanon IX7000 Inkjet Printer
Canon MF226DN Laser PrinterCanon PRO100 Inkjet Printer
Canon MF4370DN Laser PrinterCanon PRO10 Inkjet Printer
Canon MF4570DW Laser PrinterCanon PRO1 Inkjet Printer
Canon MF229DW Laser Printer
Canon MF631CN Laser Printer
Canon MF633CDW Laser Printer
Canon MF621CN Laser Printer
Canon MF635CX Laser Printer
Canon MF8210CN Laser Printer
Canon MF416DW Laser Printer
Canon MF628CW Laser Printer
Canon MF6180DW Laser Printer
Canon MF8280CW Laser Printer
Canon MF735CX Laser Printer
Canon MF729CX Laser Printer
Canon MF515X Laser Printer
Canon MF8580CDW Laser Printer
Canon MF9280CDN Laser Printer
Canon MF810CDN Laser Printer

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