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How to Fix Microsoft Office Installation Errors – 1401, 1402 or 1406?

Installing Microsoft Office

While installing Microsoft Office, you may come across errors like 1401/ 1402/ or 1406 during or at the end of the installation. These errors occur when the files required for installing the software are not given the right permissions. While it could be simply because your user profile may not have sufficient permissions to install new software or modify the system registry, it may also be happening because some third-party software, like antivirus, is blocking the installation.

Fix Microsoft Office Set Permissions

  1. Log-on with Admin credentials
  2. Open Windows Explorer, Click on Tools
  3. Go to Folder Options and click View
  4. Click on Show Hidden Files and Folders
  5. Uncheck the Hide Extensions for Known File Types and click on OK
  6. Open the folder –

C:\ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Application Data\ Microsoft\ Office\ Data

  1. Right click on Opa11.dat file and click on Properties
  2. In the Security Tab, go to Advanced and then Permissions
  3. Select Everyone in the permission entries and click on Edit
  4. Check the Full Control box
  5. Click OK and confirm the revised settings
  6. Run the installation wizard, you should be able to install MS Office successfully
  7. Restart the computer


This will allow you the ability to install Microsoft Office in your computer. Once the installation files are given the right permissions, the software will not encounter any problem anymore. However, there might be a chance that this doesn’t work. In this case, the reason could be something other than permissions.


Disable Third-party Programs

Most of the times, the installation wizard will prompt you to close down all running applications before initiating the installation process. This is important because software like Antivirus can block installations or limit the permissions for security reasons.

  1. Disable all open programs or firewalls or antivirus that may be installed on your computer
  2. Run the installation wizard, you should be able to install MS Office successfully
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Enable the applications or firewall again


Clean Boot Mode

If you still haven’t been able to properly install MS Office, try taking your computer into a ‘Clean Boot’ mode and then install it. Typically, this disables all third party software and applications and they cannot deny or block any new installation. To perform a ‘clean boot’, follow these steps (Windows 7 & Vista):

  1. Login using Admin credentials
  2. Type Msconfig.exe in the search bar on the start menu
  3. This will open the System Configuration box
  4. Under the General tab, Click on ‘Selective startup’
  5. Uncheck the ‘Load startup itmes’ box
  6. Go to the Services tab and check the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ box at the left bottom
  7. Now click the ‘Disable All’ button
  8. Click Ok and restart
  9. Install MS Office
  10. Restart again and enable Normal startup again

By now, you would have been able to successfully install MS office without encountering any errors.

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