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How to Fix Facebook Not Loading Problem

In the digital era, the social media platform is becoming more popular among the people. There are numerous social media networks are available such as the YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. But the Facebook is one of the famous social media networks then the others. Nowadays massive numbers of people are using the Facebook.  It is the increasingly growing platform on the social media. In this social media app, the users can able to post the images, videos, photos, messages, chat with friends, and comment to post and others on their account.

Due to some issues, most of the people are facing the problem of Facebook not loading error these days. Are you in need of some simple steps to fix this problem? Or else Are you need any help to get rid of this issue?  If so then you are in the right place. We provide reliable customer support service to the users. In the below section we have provided simple steps by steps to fix this Facebook not loading issue.

Fix the Facebook Not loading issue

There are more reasons for this problem occurs such as a problem with the internet connection, the issue with the many temporary files, internet browser, or problem with the virus. So you can troubleshoot steps in order to fix the issue with ease.

Step 1: Check the Internet connection

  • Initially first check there is an issue with the internet connection.
  • Simply open the other website and check it is loads or not.
  • If it is not opening then the problem is with your internet connection
  • Fix this issue by restarting your system

Step 2: Remove the temporary and cached files

  • Whenever the users visit the website, some files will automatically download to the computer. These files are used as the cache. If you visit the second time the caches files are no threat to the computer. The too many files of temporary will start creating issues in your device.
  • So it is better to remove these files yourself
  • Otherwise, another better way to remove these files is by using the CCleaner software.

Step 3: Check the problem with the web browser

  • If the issue still exists then there will be a problem with the browser.
  • Initially do the internet optimization
  • If it is done it aids in correcting some issues which happen in the browsers.
  • Once it is completed check if the problem is fixed or not by opening your browser.

Step 4: Remove virus or malware in your device

If the problem is not fixed by the above steps then you need to check whether any virus or other malware activities occur on your computer.