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How to Fix Canon Pixma MP258 Error Code e08?

CANON prixma PRINTER errors code

If you turn your printer, and it appears with error code E08. Then it indicates the issue with the ink. How To fix Canon Pixma MP258 Error Code e08 is very vital for users to work smoothly and with comfort. It points that the Ink Absorber is nearly Full”. The error code refers that the ink counter registered is mixed up so, in this case, we offer some troubleshooting steps before consulting a manufacturer authorized technical assistant. For the support from the certified and qualified canon tech support team of the company would be a life saving support to users to get out this troublesome situation. The Geeks have researched and offered the best option to fix this problem, via reset the waste ink counter. So, if you are going through this kind of issue, then you need to reset the waste ink counter to get rid of Error Code e08 easily. Before doing advance troubleshooting or going anywhere to fix the problem. At least, plug out the printer power cable and then press and hold the printer power button for about 30 seconds. After that, plug in the printer power cable and see if it works or not. If it does not go through, please follow these steps.

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Many ways to Fix Canon Pixma MP258 Error Code e08

Here are some researched and trustworthy simple steps that how to Reset Canon MP287 error E08 in an easy way. Those steps are following

Step 1:- Turn on the Canon Printer

Plug in the Printer cable and turn on the printer. After the Canon MP287 LCD printer screen error E08 MP287 will pop up, and there is a message of “The Ink Absorber is Almost Full” at your monitor.

Step 2:- Download and follow the Resetter MP287

Next, you need to download the Resetter MP287. As you can navigate the below defined link to download the Resetter.

Step 3:- The device should be in a state of SERVICE MODE.

Canon MP287 Printer has to be in a State of SERVICE MODE.

Step 4:- Turn off the printer by pressing Power off button

Press the power button to turn off the printer. Please don’t take out the power cable

Step 5:- Press and Hold the button  on the Canon Printer (Stop/Reset)

Press and hold the “STOP/RESET’ button followed by pressing the “POWER” button. So both buttons depressed position.

Push the hold the “STOP/RESET” key and then along press the “POWER” button. So, both button should be pressed at the end for better results.

Keep your hand away from the button “STOP/RESET” but don’t take away your hand from “POWER” button.

Step 6:- Push and hold the STOP/RESET button

Now go ahead and tap “STOP/RESET” key for about 6 times. but make the “POWER” button is still pressed.

Step 7:- Let go the button Stop/Reset Only

Then let go both Stop/Reset buttons at the same time. Then after Canon MP287 will go in Service Mode.

Now, Printer LCD Panel will go blank/dark and on your computer will find new hardware. Pay no attention to it.

Step 8:- Extract, open and Run Service Tool for MP287

In the next following step, you have to run the Service Tool.

Step 9:- Push on “Set” Option

Then after choose the “Main” menu in the “absorber & Platen” and after that Push “SET” next to his right

Secondly, Canon MP287 Printer error E08  will come back to normal.

In the above way, you can easily resolve the Canon Pixma MP258 Error Code e08.

If in case, the error still stays there, then you should get in touch with the Canon support team at dialing canon printer support number to find the best possible solution.

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