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How to Download or Update Software and Drivers for HP Computers

HP Support Assistant

In this blog, we discuss about everything related to how to go about installing and updating your software and drivers on your HP computers. Right from updating your Windows operating system to the latest version to restoring original drivers, we have covered all the basic information you need to get started and fix it yourself.

Install & Updates in Windows

  1. Reboot your device as the first step in order to install all the pending updates
  2. Search and open the Windows Update program from the Control Panel
  3. Check for updates and install them, if available
  4. If no new updates are listed, search for new updates manually and then click Install Now
  5. Restart your computer again to install all the downloaded updates

Update system specific components

  1. Find and run the Device manager application
  2. Scroll through the list of devices and expand the one you want to update
  3. Right-click on the name of the device and select Update driver software
  4. Use the automatic search for the updated driver option
  5. Follow the on-screen guided instructions and install the latest driver
  6. Reboot your device to apply the changes made

Important: While most of the drivers can be downloaded directly from HP printers Support website, some of them can be downloaded using the Windows Update application, and there may be some that can be found only on the device manufacturer’s official website. The most appropriate way to search for all driver updates applicable for your computer is to refer to all three locations, in the same order.

Software Updates

  1. For all software from HP, check the HP support assistant and run a manual check for software updates. For all the software not provided by HP, check the original manufacturer’s website for updates and install them manually
  2. Firmware Updates – A firmware is commonly employed with DVD drives. Some network adapters, and modems, or even some video cards can also use a firmware. Firmware updates are typically provided by HP directly or by the manufacturer of the hardware.
  3. Restoring to Original Settings: If a program is not working properly, it may have become infected with malware. In such as case, you should make it revert to the original version. This way, you can easily restore or reinstall its original drivers or software.
  4. External Applications – If you have a printer, scanner, or camera made by HP, then it is useful to know that HP regularly posts related software and updated drivers on its official support website for each of its products. Such software updates and drivers are not included on the computer support section. That is, you may not be able to find a printer driver on the driver or software download page for your HP computer. Visit the HP Customer Support website – and find the Software and Driver Downloads web page. Find your product from the list and select the software or driver you are looking for from the list of available software and driver categories.

You can also visit the HP’s official customer support website and learn more.

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