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How to Block Junk Mail on Hotmail ?

With we people moving to the digital world, the information between parties is transferred over the web with the help of email services. It is true that this service helps the lot to communicate no matter how far they are available from each other. Just with the internet access and the smart devices, it enables the people to communicate in a secure way. But sometimes it is of massive pain when people unknowingly signed up to something or their email address sold, there the spam messages will come.

When people get signed in to any ill advertising account, the spam will be receiving continuously and unfortunately, it will be hard to stop it. But it can be done when the people use the email service like Microsoft Hotmail that does a good job of blocking spam messages. Luckily for the people, there is the way to improve and to deal with Hotmail Junk Mail Problems which doesn’t even require any additional software. To do so, all you need to have is a Gmail account.

How to Deal With Hotmail Junk Mail Problems

As we mentioned above, sure there is the way to deal with the junk mails. This job is done by using the Gmail spam tool and opening your web account with Gmail. This means that the user can apply Gmail anti spam tool to their account in order to take out the sorting of spam messages.

Steps to setup Hotmail Spam toolbox

  • In your Hotmail inbox, go to settings>Accounts and Import
  • Find check mail from other accounts
  • Now Click add a mail account
  • Here enter the particular email address and click next
  • For managing web-mail service from Hotmail, Choose whether Hotmailify tool or simple POP3 connection
  • Now the user needs to enter their details of account and click add an account to confirm
  • Check out for the confirmation code on to your Hotmail account
  • Then the user needs to give this code in the Hotmail in order to finish the task and get connected

Once you have completed these methods, then you will be able to use Gmail superior spam management tools to deal with Hotmail junk mail problems thus blocking unwanted and undesirable messages from the third party organization.

Of course, it is the annoying thing when you get the spam messages repeatedly in your inbox. But believe it; it’s so easy to delete it. As we provided above method, follow these simple steps and mark the offending messages as spam and therefore prevent your account in future. After trying all this method, still, if you are facing such problems, then try contacting the Gmail Support Service. They will help you and guide you in solving your issues.