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How Safe Is It to Use Computer after Deleting the Virus

Safe Your Computer After Deleting the Virus

If your system got infected by virus & you have been able to successfully remove the malware from your computer – you should be good to go! Many state of the art antivirus programs are able to help you clean your computer effectively. The point is which one you used in the first place. If you have used a free version of an anti-virus program, chances are you may not have been completely covered. There is also a possibility that your anti-virus database was not updated. So even though your AV scan now claims that your system is secure, try double-checking or simply go for the following options.


If you system’s security has been compromised, it is always recommended to back up important data and go for a factory reset. Take this step irrespective of whether your anti-virus software was able to successfully remove all the malware or not. Restoring to factory settings formats your hard disk drive and eliminates whatever good or bad was on it. Your system is now safe for use.


You’ve been able to successfully remove malware from your system and even restore factory settings. Now, it is also important to scan your back-up for any suspicious or malicious files. Many viruses tend to place malware in such areas that are immune to actions performed by anti-virus software. Nevertheless, just to be sure, scan your back-up data with a latest anti-malware or anti-virus program.


As the best option to ensure absolute safety, it is recommended to manually wipe out all of your data and Windows from the hard disk. Re-installing Windows is not as tough as it may sound, provided you have the installation DVD and the product serial key handy with you. This method simply means making everything go back to zero and starting again. You’ll experience your Windows like you did on the first day you purchased it, and it also will mean re-installing all those productivity and other related software/ applications/ drivers before you can get started.


If you are not an expert at taking back-ups, or restoring factory settings, or even re-installing windows – don’t worry. You have already used a tool to remove the malware from your system. Just make use of a couple more tools to ensure that your system is still not at risk. Install some advanced anti-malware tools and scan your computer with them. The idea is to scan your system with at least 2 different tools other than your original tool. This will help you figure out if something suspicious or unwanted is still left on the computer or has been wiped out. You can also go for some browser clean up tools to help you get rid of all those unwanted toolbars or add-ins/ extensions.

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