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Fixing Norton Error: “3048, 3” Using Safe Technical Procedure


Fixing Norton Error: “3048, 3” Using Safe

The Norton antivirus program is provided with various features similarly the Symantec Norton antivirus program has released with the wide range of advanced tools and features. By this software program, the users can use the capable method to scan the malicious elements. After the identification, it will be removed in an easy way by means of the automatic instructional procedure.  Along the auspicious usage of this software, it consists of the set of most awkward and unpredictable issues. Through this, your computer will often fall into some troubles. The major objective of this issue is because of the improper maintenance and process. When this issue is about to appear on the system means don’t make it complicate and tough. By contacting Norton customer service the rectification of such errors and issues will be easily fixed.

The important error which pings the system in a continuous manner is Norton Error 3048, 3. This type of error will have occurred when you try to install the Norton anti-virus software. Why because in the sense of the installing software program the incapable combination of the software may raise this issue on Windows computer system. By this, the whole installation process will end up in the worst way.  The phenomenon of this issue will put your system to sudden restart and shut down. So that you won’t able to predict where the Norton error 3048 3 has occurred. More or less it is advice able take some instant action for detaching this error for the betterment of the computer.

The currently available steps provided by the Norton support will make the Fixing Norton Error to be done with various options and procedure through their help. To contact the team of the Norton support visit to the official Norton customer service at the link of The following details are arranged with the information for dealing these types of error. For more intense detail make use of the Norton help tutorials at the website of where you can find the instructional way to remove the issue through their certain troubleshoots procedure.

Avail the Parameterized procedure to detach the Norton error:

The notable error which will be probably experienced by you is the Norton error 3048, 3. The manifestation of this error is elaborately explained. They are

While you install the Norton anti-virus on the Windows PC means this Norton error 3048 3 will completely damage the apps and its related software from the system.

When you try to use the affected software in your computer will result in the serious issues.

The presence of the Norton Error 3048 3 in your Windows 7 OS will impact the property of slowing down and literally, this will overlap towards the input functionality from the keyboard.

Then the common issue if the Windows PC is that the slow start-up trouble may fall during the initialization of the computer.

When you identify that your system is affected by all these indications then immediately consult the Norton tech support as soon as possible. Or else make use of the toll-free Norton support phone number for the instant fixing.

The reasons behind the formation of this Norton error will extend in a vast range. In that, the premier theme is improper and interrupted installation of the software.  The other logics are

Due to the presence of the pirated software such as Windows OS will lack the registration step of the Norton software.

Main cognition is your system will be affected by some virus or malware.

The last one is if the Norton software is removed after the download without knowingly.

When you experience all these things and other than that also utilize the customer Norton support. 

The fixing Norton error method:

The overall distribution of this error may look quite easy. But if you did any manual fixing will fall into serious consequences.  So for Fixing Norton Error simply contacts the Norton tech support through the Norton tech supports phone number where the experts will help you thoroughly.

At any time you can connect with them also there won’t be an unfailing process in the technical support service.

Otherwise, directly make some steps like

  • Open the Norton window and in the Security panel click the LiveUpdate in the main window. And then click the finish button to complete the process. Then restart your system.
  • The other method is to again install the Norton anti-virus software.

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