How to Fix Norton Antivirus Software Not Responding Issues?

Norton Antivirus Software is one of the most popular antivirus programs that come with many advanced as well as unique ranges of features. When you are using this antivirus, you need to be careful. You should install it carefully and you must update it regularly. These things are important for keeping this antivirus program at its optimal state of performance. Failing to do that will cause some errors. Those errors are required to be dealt with technical troubleshooting measures. Pick up the phone and call the experts when you find that Norton Antivirus not open.

This program can become non-responding due to a few reasons. The possible reasons are discussed in the following section of this article. We shall find possible reasons for the errors and then step by step solutions to resolve that error. This is a process which has to be conducted with perfection. Failing to follow this process will cause various technical issues further. So, here are the reasons for errors behind Norton Antivirus Software not working.

Not Updating Software

If you are not too frequent in updating software, facing technical error is inevitable. In such cases, you have to be careful to judge the reasons for the errors with precision. Updating software will automatically solve the issue with perfection. To learn more about the software update, you need to follow the steps as given below.

  1. To start with Norton Antivirus Software updating process, at first, you should connect the computer to the internet. Make sure that internet connection is good as well as steady. Without a proper internet connection, it would be difficult to update this software.
  2. At the second steps, you need to go for launching this antivirus application. Double-click on its desktop icon. If there is no desktop icon, you shall find it at “All Programs” list which can be accessed by hitting “Start” button for Windows.
  3. Now, you have to follow a few simple steps. At first, go to the main menu at the top and find an option for update. When you get that option, you just need to select it.
  4. The software update will take only a few minutes. It will happen automatically. After downloading update files, the computer will process installation of those files as well.
  5. When these things are done, you can consider that your software has been perfectly updated.

Updating software will not only help to resolve the non-responding problem with this program but will also help to resolve various Norton Antivirus Software issues. The software update should be done frequently to avoid technical hiccups or glitches with this antivirus.

Repairing Software

Due to installation error or system file corrupt problem, Norton Antivirus Software issues can occur. Among various possible errors, the non-responding error occurs quite commonly. What should you do when this error occurs? Well, in this case, users are left with only a few simple choices. The most important thing is repairing the installation files of this software. This is why you should follow the steps as given below:

  1. Turn on your computer and wait for some time. It is not required to connect the computer to the internet at this stage.
  2. Go to Control Panel for your Windows operating system. At this system folder, you shall be able to locate a folder that says “Add or remove programs”. Double-click on this to launch the list of the programs that are installed on your system.
  3. From the list of programs or applications, you need to locate Norton Antivirus. Once it has been located, you should go to the next step which is selecting the program with the single mouse click on it.
  4. Once selected, it will be highlighted with a blue background.
  5. Now, at the right-hand side, you shall notice an option “Repair ”. Apart from that, there is also “Remove” button. Click on “Repair” to start with repairing process. Now, following the steps as given below will help to resolve Norton Antivirus not open error.
  6. A wizard shall be launched on your screen, as soon as you hit “Repair”. Now, you have to follow instructions on this wizard carefully.
  7. Hit “Next” button until automatic repairing process starts. It will take a few minutes to be completed. Once it is done, you should click on “Finish” button.
  8. Now, you have to close all folders and then go for restarting your system.
  9. Once the system is restarted, you should double click on Norton Antivirus icon to launch it. Hopefully, it will perform fantastically without showing up glitches.

Software Upgrading

When you are using too old version of antivirus, you would face Norton Antivirus issues. In such case, you just need to upgrade the software. To upgrade, you need to purchase the upgraded version. Once purchased, you need to start with the installation process of this upgraded version. The steps are provided below.

  1. Turn on the computer and get connected to the internet.
  2. Now, it is the time to go to the official website of Norton. You need to follow screen instructions carefully to login to your account. If you do not have an account, you can create a new one by following some simple steps.
  3. Purchase the software and then download it on your local disk.
  4. Make sure that you have enough space on the disk otherwise you shall face Norton Antivirus issues during installation on the upgraded version.
  5. Turn off the internet and then go to control panel. Here, you should open “Add or remove programs” folder and uninstall existing antivirus.
  6. Now, you should start with the installation of new version.
  7. Launch installation wizard and follow screen instructions carefully. This will help you to complete the installing process.

With new version of this software, you shall probably not face Norton Antivirus not open issue. You have to be careful on the issues that you face. You need to judge the errors with perfection and then you have to resolve them with step by step measures. For more information as well as technical guidance, you should contact support center for this antivirus software.

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