How to Fix Ink Cartridges Error Codes & Messages in Canon Printer

Anytime you buy a residential Printer, and costly ink cartridges to install in it. You always wish to is to work without any troubles. So, what should be done yourself in case, the ink cartridges ends with any trouble? Or may be, if the troubleshooting steps does not go well, you may need to get in touch with Canon Support.

It has been surveyed among the people who bought the printers and lived with them. They have given feedback and offered ideas to Canon Printer Support for the issues they usually get in the printers and want to fix them.

Issue: the right cartridge will not run in the printer

It is very usual problem for the most printer consumers. You install a brand new cartridge and the printer displays “Not Recognised” or it believes, whether it is empty or it may not print.

Take it easy, just take out the cartridge and install it again and most probably, it is going to work.  Else, there may be issue with the cartridge’s IC board. In such case, and if everything else fails, you are eligible for refund or replacement from canon support.

Problem: Print head Jammed

Firstly, to do clean cycle on the printer is the great way for unblocking the print head. Most of the cases, the setting is way too easy to find in your printer’s LCD panel, however, it is good to follow the guidelines of the manual to get the accurate instructions for the device.

It is not worthy, if we get third ink of third party. It does not contain the proper configuration and setup which is done in branded ink by the original manufacturer. If color consistency is different, it might clog the print head, leading to missing colors and printed spots.

If the printer has combined color cartridge, where there are three colors in a single cartridge, it is most likely that print head is in built. In such case, a jammed print head is not the dead end. When you purchase a new cartridge, you will get a new print head included.

However, if the print head is part of the printer and you can’t clean your way out of the issue, you might need to replace the print head. This means it may be cheaper to buy a new printer.

In some cases, Print head is the part of the Printer and you might not be able to clean it properly. You might need to replace the print head. But in this case, buying new printer will be cheaper.

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Issue: Ink Cartridges leaking

Cartridge leaking usually does not refer problem all over in the printer. You might find the printer is not running. Open up the lid and you will get a little ink on the ink cartridges. The

In case, ink cartridges does not make a good contact inside when you install it. There may be air in which can stop its function or the cartridge can start leaking.

Occasionally, you may work out with a poor seal by taking out the cartridge and re-inserting it. But be gentle with cartridges while taking them out or re-inserting. This may lead to problem or damage to the printer. Don’t loose hope, as you know, the cartridge is compatible with the printer, you still have options to get it done.

Is there any law, if you have been given a faulty cartridge?

You bought a cartridge and it ended up faulty, you will not leave out of pocket. Under the rights of Consumer Act, things must be “as defined”, if “right quality” and it should be purposeful. If the cartridge has been described as compatible with the printer but does not serve the meaning and does not work. You can get in touch with Canon Printer Support for either refund or replacement but make sure, it is under the refund or replacement period set the by the retailer or manufacturer.


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