Fix HP LaserJet Printer Windows 10 Driver Issues

Fix HP LaserJet Printer

Fix HP LaserJet Printer Windows 10 Driver Issues

HP is one of the leading computer manufacturing companies in the world. It offers many personal computers, laptop, smartphone and printer with high-quality to their customers. In the present scenario, most of the people are using printers in offices and even at home. There are many HP printers Support available in the market but the HP LaserJet printer is the right choice. It is because the printers are designed with the latest technology and unique features. If you need any technical support for your printer then you don’t hesitate to contact the technical support team. The technical support offers the huge range of services such as customer care service, technical support, printer support service, live chat, and others.

So you can get instant solution for your problem related to the hp printer Support . In the HP LaserJet printer support, the experienced technicians are working so they provide the best and instant solution to their valuable customer. By using the live chat and support number, you can directly contact the technicians to get a possible solution for your HP printer problems.

Fix HP DeskJet printer driver issue

Below are the steps to fix HP DeskJet printer driver issue.

Step 1: Remove the printer from devices and printers

  • If your printer connects to the computer with a USB cable to disconnect the cable from the printer
  • Turn the printer off and on again and make sure it is in the ready state.
  • Search windows for devices and click on devices and printers in the list of results.
  • Click on the printer icon for your printer, and then click Remove Device.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Remove them all if multiple icons exist for the printer

Step 2: Connect your printer to the computer

Connect the printer to the computer or to your wireless or wired network before installing the built-in driver.  There are three types of connection to connect the printer so choose what type of connection match.

  • USB connection to your computer
  • Wireless connection to your computer
  • Wired connection to your computer

Step 3: Set windows update to automatically download driver software

  • First, open the Device Installation Settings on windows
  • And then make sure that your computer is set automatically to download driver software.
  • Search Windows for change device installation
  • And then click the Change device installation settings from the Control Panel setting in the list of results.
  • Now the device Installation Settings window displays.
  • In that select the Yes option
  • And then click Save Changes.

Step 4: Install the driver in the printer with the Add Printer Wizard

To install the built-in driver use the Add printer tool in windows. And you can print if you already connected the printer to the computer with the help of USB cable. The driver is installed in the printer. If you are having issues in printing, then follow the steps given below:

  • Search Windows for devices, and in the list of results click on Devices and Printers
  • Click on add a printer.
  • Click the printer and then select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings.
  • Click next.
  • Select the port in your printer, for a USB connected printer,
  • And then click next.
  • Click Windows Update, and then wait for the print drivers to update.
  • Click HP in the manufacturer
  • And then click the name of your printer in the Printers
  • Select Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname, and then click Next.
  • Select Auto detect from the Device type drop-down list.
  • Type your printer IP address into the text box, and then click Next.
  • Wait for few minutes to connect to the printer, and then click next to install the print driver.

The printer driver is set up is finished and ready to use when you are finished with the Add Printer wizard. These are the basic steps to fix HP LaserJet Printer in Windows 10 Driver. For any kind of issues don’t heritage to take help from the technical support team.

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