Fix HP Deskjet Printer Windows 10 Driver Issues


Fix HP Deskjet Printer Windows 10 Driver Issues

In the modern world, most of the people are using the printer for the various places such as schools, colleges, hospital, office, and others. There is the huge range of the printers available in the market such as Dell, Sony, Samsung and other brands. But the HP is one of the popular brands in the industry that offer the printer with the advanced feature. The HP offers the huge range of the printers such as DeskJet, laser, inkjet, business inkjet, Designjet and other printers, so you can purchase the best one which suits your needs.

If you are facing any issues with the HP Printer then you can call on the hp deskjet printer support number. The HP provides the first-class support service to their customers. The Hp printer technical support team are highly trained and qualified to provide the quick solution for the HP printer issues. Your printer is not supported by the window 10 then you can get the right solution from the experts.

Solve the HP printer window 10 driver problem

If your HP printer does not work after the upgrade the desktop to the window 10 then it has the driver problems. You should solve the HP driver problems by updating the window 10 drivers. Most of the manufacturers have not launched the window 10 drivers. The HP not releases the drivers of window 10 for the printer model. Most of the HP printers support the window 7 and window 8 that work smoothly without the reinstalling the drivers. When the users connect the HP printers Support to the desktop with wire, Ethernet cable or wirelessly then the window 10 does not install the inbuilt HP printer driver automatically. Here you can get simple steps to fix hp deskjet printer driver issue.

Remove the HP printer from the desktop

For removing the icon for the HP printer from the laptop or computer you can follow the below given steps.

  • If the printer connects to the desktop with the help of the USB cable then disconnect the USB cable from the desktop and printer.
  • Then turn off the device and click on the start button
  • Search the window and click on the device and printer
  • Right-click the HP printer icon and select the remove printer from the list
  • Then follow the instruction to complete the printer removal process

Connect the HP printer to the desktop

Before installing the inbuilt printer driver to the computer you should connect the HP printer to the desktop. You can connect the printer by using different methods such as USB cable, wifi connection to the network and wired connection to the network. You can choose the best method to connect the printer to the computer.

Set to download the driver software automatically

You should open the device installation setting and choose that set to download the printer driver automatically in the desktop.

  • Select the change device installation setting
  • Click on the yes option
  • Hit on the save changes

Install the HP printer driver through add printer tool

With the help of the add printer wizard in the window 10, you can install the inbuilt printer driver. You can follow the below given step to install the HP printer driver.

  • First search the windows for the desktop
  • Then hit on the device and printer button
  • Select the add printer option
  • Choose the HP printer to add to this computer
  • If the printer in the list you can select it and click next button.
  • If your HP printer is not in the list then you should choose the add local printer manually.
  • Hit the next button
  • Choose the wifi or port to connect the printer and click next button
  • Select the window update and wait for few minutes
  • Now hit the HP and click the printer name
  • Choose the add printer through the IP address
  • Enter the IP address and click the next button
  • Select the install the HP printer driver
  • Now use the HP printer on the window 10 devices.

By following the above-mentioned steps you can fix the HP printer window 10 driver problems instantly without any hassle. Dial the HP printer support and get the right solution for the printer issues.

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HP Deskjet Printer Model List

HP Deskjet PrinterHP Deskjet 712c PrinterHP Deskjet 1220c / 1220c/PS / 1220cse / 1220cxi Printer
HP DeskJet (original) PrinterHP Deskjet 720c PrinterHP Deskjet 1280 Printer
HP DeskJet Plus PrinterHP Deskjet 722c PrinterHP Deskjet 1600c / 1600 cm / 1600cn Printer
HP DeskJet Portable PrinterHP Deskjet 810c PrinterHP Deskjet 3000 Printer Printer
HP Deskjet 200cci PrinterHP Deskjet 812c PrinterHP Deskjet 3050A Printer All-in-One Printer
HP DeskJet 300j PrinterHP Deskjet 815c PrinterHP Deskjet 3320 / 3322 / 3323 3325 Printer
HP Deskjet 310 / 310 with Sheetfeeder PrinterHP Deskjet 820cse / 820cxi PrinterHP Deskjet 3420 / 3425 / 3450 Printer
HP Deskjet 320 / 320 with Sheetfeeder PrinterHP Deskjet 825c / 825cvr PrinterHP Deskjet 3520 / 3535 / 3550 Printer
HP Deskjet 340 / 340cbi / 340 cm / 340cv PrinterHP Deskjet 830c PrinterHP Deskjet 3620 / 3645 / 3648 / 3650 / 3653 Printer
HP Deskjet 350c / 350cbi PrinterHP Deskjet 832c PrinterHP Deskjet 3740 / 3743 / 3744 / 3745 / 3747 / 3748 Printer
HP Deskjet 400 / 400L PrinterHP Deskjet 840c PrinterHP Deskjet 3810 / 3816 / 3820 / 3822 / 3843 / 3845 / 3847 / 3848 Printer
HP Deskjet 420 / 420c PrinterHP Deskjet 841c PrinterHP Deskjet 3910 / 3915 / 3918 / 3920 / 3930 / 3938 / 3940 Printer
HP Deskjet 450cbi / 450vci / 450wbt PrinterHP Deskjet 842c PrinterHP Deskjet 5145 / 5150 / 5155 / 5160 Printer
HP Deskjet 460c PrinterHP Deskjet 843c / 843cxe PrinterHP Deskjet 5420v / 5440 / 5442 / 5443 Printer
HP Deskjet 460cb PrinterHP Deskjet 845c / 845cv / 845cvr PrinterHP Deskjet 5550 / 5551 / 5552 Printer
HP Deskjet 460wf PrinterHP Deskjet 850c / 850k PrinterHP Deskjet 5650 / 5650w / 5652 / 5655 Printer
HP Deskjet 460wbt PrinterHP Deskjet 855c / 855cse / 855cxi PrinterHP Deskjet 5740 / 5743 / 5745 / 5748 Printer
HP Deskjet 500 / 500c / 500k PrinterHP Deskjet 870cse / 870cxi / 870k PrinterHP Deskjet 5850 Printer
HP Deskjet 505d / 505k PrinterHP Deskjet 880c PrinterHP Deskjet 5940 / 5943 Printer
HP Deskjet 510 PrinterHP Deskjet 882c PrinterHP Deskjet 6122 / 6127 Printer
HP Deskjet 520 PrinterHP Deskjet 890c / 890cse PrinterHP Deskjet 6520 / 6540 / 6543 / 6548 Printer
HP DeskJet 525q PrinterHP Deskjet 895cse / 895cxi PrinterHP Deskjet 6620 Printer
HP Deskjet 540 PrinterHP Deskjet 916c PrinterHP Deskjet 6830v /6840 / 6843 / 6848 Printer
HP Deskjet 550c PrinterHP Deskjet 920c / 920cvr / 920cxi PrinterHP Deskjet 6940 / 6980 Printer
HP Deskjet 560c / 560j / 560k PrinterHP Deskjet 930c / 930 cm PrinterHP Deskjet 6988 Printer
HP Deskjet 600 / 600c / 600k PrinterHP Deskjet 932c PrinterHP Deskjet 6988dt Printer
HP Deskjet 610c / 610cl PrinterHP Deskjet 934c PrinterHP Deskjet 9300 Printer
HP Deskjet 612c PrinterHP Deskjet 935c PrinterHP Deskjet 9650 / 9670 / 9680 Printer
HP Deskjet 630c PrinterHP Deskjet 940c / 940cvr / 940cw / 940cxi PrinterHP Deskjet 9800 / 9800d Printer
HP Deskjet 632c PrinterHP Deskjet 948c PrinterHP Deskjet D1455 Printer
HP Deskjet 640c / 640u PrinterHP Deskjet 950c PrinterHP Deskjet D1520 Printer
HP Deskjet 642c PrinterHP Deskjet 952c PrinterHP Deskjet D1560 Printer
HP Deskjet 648c PrinterHP Deskjet 955c PrinterHP Deskjet D2400 Printer
HP Deskjet 656c / 656cvr PrinterHP Deskjet 957c PrinterHP Deskjet D2430 Printer
HP Deskjet 660c / 660cse / 660k PrinterHP Deskjet 959c PrinterHP Deskjet D2460 Printer
HP Deskjet 670c / 670k / 670tv PrinterHP Deskjet 960c / 960cse / 960cxi PrinterHP Deskjet D2530 Printer
HP Deskjet 672c PrinterHP Deskjet 970cse / 970cxi PrinterHP Deskjet D2545 Printer
HP Deskjet 680c PrinterHP Deskjet 980cxi PrinterHP Deskjet D2560 Printer
HP Deskjet 682c PrinterHP Deskjet 990 cm / 990cse/ 990cxi PrinterHP Deskjet D2660 Printer
HP Deskjet 690c PrinterHP Deskjet 995c / 995ck PrinterHP Deskjet D4160 Printer
HP Deskjet 692c / 692k PrinterHP Deskjet 1000 / 1000cse / 1000cxi PrinterHP Deskjet D4260 Printer
HP Deskjet 693c PrinterHP Deskjet 1100c PrinterHP DeskJet F380 All-in-One, Printer
HP Deskjet 694c PrinterHP Deskjet 1120c / 1120cse / 1120cxi PrinterHP DeskJet F4100 series All-in-One Printer
HP Deskjet 695c / 695cci PrinterHP Deskjet 1125c PrinterHP Deskjet All-in-one F4185 Printer
HP Deskjet 697c PrinterHP Deskjet 1180c PrinterHP DeskJet F4200 series All-in-One Printer
HP Deskjet 710c PrinterHP Deskjet 1200c / 1200c/PS PrinterHP DeskJet F4500 series All-in-One Printer

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