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How To Fix Common Canon Printer Problems In Windows 10?


Canon Printer Problems In Windows, Sometimes it becomes too difficult to handle the Microsoft operating systems and it may effect our mood and our work. It may delay it and if it is about the important assignments or project, then you will fall down due to some problems but you cannot suffer the loss due to problems associated with Windows 10 operating system. So, here are some problems with the solutions. You can try this, apply this and can excel in it.

Canon printer does not work in Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system can be irritating for your canon printer support sometimes as it may stop in between your important work. But, it’s not that difficult to fix the problem. You can discover some ways to find a way. You can do it manually as the ways are mentioned below:

  1. a) Open the Devices & Printers in your troubleshooting tools.
  2. b) There will be a Search box where you can find Devices & Printers.
  3. c) Open it and your printer’s name will pop up. Right-click on it and a menu will appear, then click on troubleshoot
  4. d) Troubleshoot your printer and your problem will get solved.

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If it , by any means, doesn’t work out, then don’t worry and don’t blame this article, another way is also given below and you can try that too. There are many times when your windows doesn’t install your printer’s device, so it’s necessary to check whether it is being installed or not. The steps are given below:

  1. a) Click on Start button and then go on to Settings. A new dialogue box will appear. Click on Devices and then on Printers & Scanners.
  2. b) If your printer name is not mentioned there, then, click on the ‘Add a printer or scanner’
  3. c) Meanwhile, your windows will try to detect your printer and once it detects, your problem will be solved but it is important to see whether the printer is correctly connected to PC or not.

You can also search or tell window to search an old printer that was once connected to your device.

No Canon Printer Problems in Windows 10 for your printer

Windows 10 needs compatibility so that it can work faster with printers and its drivers. But, sometimes problem comes when the windows is unable to detect your drivers, then what can you do? Again, there are some ways by which you can sort out your Canon Printer Problems In Windows easily.

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First, you need to check whether any printer drive updates is to its latest version or not, if not go to its manufacturing website and then update it to its latest version.

  1. a) Click on Control Panel.
  2. b) Click on to Device Manager
  3. c) A window will appear in which you have to locate and update your printer device.
  4. d) Right-click on the name of device and a new dialogue box will appear in which you have to select ‘Update Driver Software’. Then again a dialogue box will appear that have two options.
  5. e) You are recommended to click on ‘Search automatically for updated drive software’
  6. f) Follow the instructions and your device will get detected.

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  1. a) Click on Start menu and then on Settings.
  2. b) Click on Update and Security.
  3. c) Click on the Windows Update that will pop up on the left hand side.
  4. d) Click for updates and if the update is available then install it and your problem will get solve.


If you’re lazy enough and you don’t want to do this all manual work then the easiest way is for you. You just have to download and install Driver Easy. Run it in your windows and it will do all updates automatically. It will scan your PC and then if any new update will be required then it will automatically turn the update on.

Printer is detected but you don’t have the Driver for the older printer

Now, if you have updated your windows thoroughly, updated your printer device and driver too but still the problem is there. As your Windows is able to detect printer but driver is unable in the windows and you still can’t use the older printer then what are the ways that you can use in this situation and can cope up with your problems that are coming after one by one Canon Printer Problems In Windows.

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There are some ways given below that you need to follow step by step and you will soon out from your problem:

  1. a) We will start from where we have left. After installing your printer driver, you are still having issues then click on the ‘The printer that I haven’t listed’
  2. b) After this, a dialogue box will appear in which you have five options to choose and the four will be the trickiest and only one will be good enough to work on.
  3. c) Click on the very first option which is quotes as saying, ‘My printer is a little older. Help me find it.’ After this click on the Next
  4. d) After this, windows 10 will detect your PC and hopefully it will find your printer driver. So, no worries.

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Make sure your printer is turned on and connected

If after all these trying hard and all, you are still unable to detect the printer on your PC or your PC is continuously showing notification like, Printer not found, Printer unavailable etc, then you need to check the following things.

  1. a) Turn on the computer. Turn on the printer and check whether the printer is connected with PC or not. Plug the USB cable to the PC and to the printer. You can now have the activated printer.
  2. b) If you have wireless printers, then you just have to add information in settings.

Go on Settings. Select PC and Settings. And finally go on to ‘Add a device’. After this your printer will get connected to your PC and you will have no problems in operating it.

  1. c) If you Bluetooth printers then there is no need to worry, just follow the steps.

After going on to the Printer and Devices. Go on to the Add a Printer. Then select the option ‘Add a wireless network or Bluetooth Printer’. Click on Next. Select on finish. And it is done.

Run the printing troubleshooter

If you have checked all connections, PC is connected to printer and both the devices has been turned on. Or if your are using network based printers then they have been connected too but still you are unable to operate the printer then there few steps that you can follow and run the printer.

  1. a) Make sure that USB is being connected to both the printer and the PC as well. It is being connected and both are turned on.
  2. b) You can also download and install Printing troubleshooter, it will help in detecting the printer device and will get operated easily and automatically.
  3. c) If still the problem is there, then click on the Start Then click on the Device Manager option. Select the Printers. Open it and find the name of your printer device. Right-click on it and tap on the Update driver. The problem will be solved.
  • Update your printer’s drivers

If you are facing problem in updating the printer driver or if you have done everything but still the printer driver is not being detected and then you can fix all your problem by the following steps. Well, first of all there are many driver updates available which you have to download and install and then run it. Rest of the work of updating the driver will be done by itself.

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If you are still not helping yourself out and need a fast way to fix this then the steps are:

  1. a) Select the Start button and tap on the Device Manager
  2. b) Find the name of your device in the following names and if you are able to find it. Then Right-click on it and hold it. A dialogue box will appear.
  3. c) Select Update Driver.
  4. d) Select Search automatically for updated driver software.’ Hopefully, you will be able to find your driver.

If you are unable to find your driver after all these, then just uninstall your driver, turn off the PC and do these procedures again and then it would definitely get solved.

Clear and reset the Print Spooler

If you’re having issues with the communication between printers and its work then it maybe due to spoilers. This problem can get solved once you will delete the files and reset it. It will work again as a new and will have no issues. How to clear and reset the Print Spooler. There are some steps, use them and be problem free.

  1. a) Click on Start button and tap on Run. Type ‘Command‘ in it.
  2. b) The command prompt will be displayed on the screen. In the dialogue box, type net stop Spooler and enter. The printer Spooler will get stop.
  3. c) Open the C Drive.
  4. d) Browse to windows and open.
  5. e) Browse to System32 and open.
  6. f) Browse to SPOOL and select.
  7. g) Browse to printers.
  8. h) Delete all the files located in the folder.
  9. i) Open the Command prompt type and type Net Start Spooler. Press enter and the Spooler will start again.

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