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Find Best Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)


Have you ever heard about Symantec advanced threat protection (ATP)? Symantec is the global leader in the cyber security recently introduced Symantec ATP. It performs the most important security tasks, which protect, detect, and respond to threats to your system network. ATP platform comprises four different control points – Network, Email, Endpoint, and Roaming.

It uses Synapse to link ATP network event data with the Symantec email event data, Symantec endpoint protection endpoint event data, and Symantec web web data, endpoints, email system, and roaming. To decrease the volume of the security alerts, the Synapse correlation engine fits events automatically with the Email, Symantec endpoint protection, and ATP.

When the incidents detected, they are easily correlated with other incidents figured out on your network to display overall attack patterns as well as prioritize the most critical threats. ATP employs several threat detection technologies such as insight, vantage, antivirus engine, cynic, sonar, mobile insight, blacklists, and whitelists.

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It does not matter, whatever threat protection you need, you must find the best Symantec ATP according to your needs and demands. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the important information about Symantec threats. Make use of those things and find the best ATP to enjoy its benefits to the core.

Use Symantec ATP solution to keep your organization safe

Do you want to learn how to uncover, remediate, and prioritize the most advanced persistent threats across your email, networks, and endpoints? If yes, then we need to combine our local intelligence with everything Symantec sees worldwide. Therefore, we can remediate and pinpoint the most important threats to your business without deploying any new agents.  Here is how Symantec ATP solution helps us.

  • It assists us to uncover all sorts of threats that range from persistent to zero-day attacks across several platforms such as email, endpoints, and network
  • It makes us priories what matters a lot when correlating local intelligence with Symantec via its huge global telemetry
  • Remediate threats fastly from the single console without organizing new endpoint agents
  • It also leverages existing agents. This means you do not need to arrange agents on the tip of the Symantec email security cloud or endpoint protection

Benefits of using Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

Symantec ATP is one of the unified platforms for remediating and uncovering advanced cyber attacks across email, network, and endpoints. This augments previous Symantec endpoint protection as well as threat intelligence technologies with the advanced security analytics capabilities. Here, we have mentioned some of the major benefits and features of Symantec ATP.

  • Symantec ATP addresses the growing demands and requirements to protect, detect and respond to the latest and advanced threats
  • It also provides faster time to remediation with the minimized time to detect threats
  • It also offers enhanced security with Cynic and easily detecting the most complex threats that are designed to avoid the virtualizes sandbox environments that are commonly accessed to inspect malware files
  • In addition to, it enables quick and informed incident resolution along with comprehensive threat intelligence and behavioral details from several control points
  • Most importantly, it saves our time and effort by investigating malware detection events using the security operations
  • It leverages the world’s largest civilian intelligence network in order to connect real-time security data across several control points to find more malware. Not only this, it also prioritizes threats quickly and assisting companies to respond confidently and minimize their security operating costs
  • This platform also combines two new and innovative technologies that are Symantec Cynic and Symantec Synapse. Because of its visibility across the email, network, and endpoints, it gives enhanced detection, quicker response, and lesser operating expenditure.

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Thus, instead of investing in multiple security solutions, choosing the best Symantec ATP is better as it automatically connects events across several control points to display important aspects and its advanced protection technologies figure out the threats whether they reside.

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