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Few Steps to Fix Screen Resolution in Pogo Games

With many gaming hungry individuals available, pogo game is the best choice for them to fill their hunger of game. Pogo game is an online game website that comprises more than hundreds of free online games including racing, sports, cards, shooting and much more. Pogo game was designed by Electronics Art (EA).

When people playing the pogo games so eagerly, some technical problems may arise that may give so annoying feel to the player while playing games online? It may be solved by fixing the screen resolution and let the game display as the right size if it seems too big or too small on your device.

How to fix screen resolution in Pogo Games

  • At first, choose the browser on which user is playing the game
  • Restart your device and reboot it properly
  • Try open pogo games and check if it works and opens
  • After fixing that, go back and it will help you in fixing the screen size of your computer

For windows system, steps to adjust screen resolution

  1. Check on the computer desktop
  2. You can see some button and click
  3. Now you can see the option as screen resolution click on it to adjust
  4. For the club pogo members, you have to set the screen resolution to 1024 by 798 which varies depending up on the system capacity
  5. For the free pogo members, you have to set the resolutions as 1152 by 864
  6. At any time you can change this setting and click on apply button and
  7. Click on ok button
  8. Restart your computer and try to play pogo game now

This method will help the user to fix the issue relating to the screen resolution on pogo games on the windows devices.

For Mac computers, adjust resolution for playing Pogo games

If the user uses Mac computer devices and wants to solve the screen resolution issues, the user needs to more things as compared to the other devices. This sometimes may lead to doing the wrong things which can thoroughly affect the processing of the device. But it is quite simple to do the things in the apple computer to fix the issues. To get the help, try checking on the official portal and do the things in a wise way.

We hope that the above-given method may help you to fix the issues with your smart devices. In most cases, this method will work to solve the issues when you face a problem while playing games online. But in the worst it happens it won’t work out. At such time, try to visit Pogo technical launcher and get the services from their skilled staff members. They will help you in resolving all your issues and can freely let you play the games online with trouble-free.