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Cartridge jam issue with Lexmark printers can be resolved with step by step measures. But, before that, it is important to have some basic knowledge about cartridge jamming issue. What is this problem all about and how can you resolve it? Lexmark printer machine users come across many errors and among those technical hiccups, cartridge jamming issue is considered as the common thing. Cartridge jam is basically nothing but paper jam at the cartridge area of your device. To resolve this problem, you need to follow the steps below. In order to clear cartridge jam of Lexmark Printer, some basic details are required to be followed.

To clear cartridge jam of Lexmark Printer, different users go for different approaches. However, most of the users have the uncanny knack to make things complicated without any reasons. So, without making this complicated, we shall try to find the simplest way to clear cartridge jam of Lexmark Printer. Step by step guide has been provided below. To learn more, you just have to follow some basic details with precision.

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Step 1: The first step is all about preparing the device for the solution to clear cartridge jam of Lexmark Printer. So, you need to turn off your device carefully. When the device has been turned off, you need to go to the next step. Before that, you should remove power cord or plug from the printer for security reasons.

Step 2: the Open top lid of your printer and for doing this you need to follow instructions on device manual. As per the instructions on the manual, you have to follow the steps carefully. Make sure that you follow the steps properly otherwise some problems may occur and that would make the situations more complicated.

Step 3: When top lid has been opened up, you shall find interior your printing machine is exposed. Now, you need to locate the position of ink cartridges. You need to find it and then you should pull it out. Just underneath the ink cartridge tray jammed or clogged paper could be located.

Step 4: gently pick up and remove the clogged paper from cartridge area. Once it has been removed, you should check other possible areas where part of the paper should be found to be clogged. The print head is such an area where you should find a few portions of the jammed paper. However, in many cases, you would not find any other clogged portion of the paper.

Step 5: Once the paper has been removed, you need to find a piece of cloth for cleaning ducts inside the printer. Due to dust accumulation, the paper jamming issue takes place in most of the cases. Make sure that you wipe out dust properly.

Step 6: This is undoubtedly the most difficult part when it comes to clear cartridge jam of Lexmark Printer. You need to pull out print head which is the most delicate part of your printing machine. Once it is pulled out, you should clean dust on it too with careful measures.

Step 7: Now, attach printer parts in their places. Attach print head properly and then attach ink cartridge tray.

Step 8: Now, the close top lid of your printing machine. This will end the process of resolving this error. To clear cartridge jam of Lexmark Printer, now you have to check your printer.

Step 9: Turn on your device and go for test printing. If everything is alright, you do not need to worry. If the paper jamming issue is still happening, you may need to be replaced worn out printer rollers. For replacing them, you need to find a dedicated service provider for repairing solutions.

It is to be noted that after reattaching cartridges to resolve cartridge jam issue, you may not find cartridge jam problem but you would face other issues. Among those issues, experiencing improper printing output could be a common thing. So, how can you resolve this problem? After you have done clear cartridge jam of Lexmark Printer, you may be facing this problem due to cartridge and print head alignment error. You need to run automatic alignment process on your device. This will help you to resolve the problem.

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For more instructions, guidelines and technical suggestions, you should call experts at the technical support centre for Lexmark printing machine.

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