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Can’t Sync Gmail App How To Fix It

Really Sync Gmail App is the top tired one which will make you get in touch with your emails since any of the emails arrives then it will indicate you immediately. By this, you will escape from refreshing the Gmail page for all the time to check for any new emails. Once any new email pinged then the Gmail will notify this message to you instantly.

But however, most of the users placing the query of Gmail sync is not working or issue while sync. And we provide some auspicious steps and resolving solution for this issues.

Steps to fix the Sync Gmail App error:

Most users are complaining that the Gmail isn’t syncing even without seeing that sync is turned on and so before going to look for any troubleshoot check the sync status and if it is in on condition then make it turn off and then on later.

The sync may off on almost Android devices at any cost even while installing any app or else any of the accidental condition. That’s why we assist you to look that the sync is on or off.

Now our traditional steps to set the sync option in your Android device:

Step 1: First of all launch the Gmail app on your Android device.

Step 2: Then click on the icon called hamburger which is located in the top left corner of the app. It will show a lot of settings and features. Afterward, click on the Settings option from the menu this option is presented at the bottom side of the options list.

Step 3: Here in the Data usage option, a setting called Sync Gmail App will be provided with a checkbox we advise you to check the box and then the Gmail sync in case if the checkbox isn’t ticked means then it is underlying with Gmail sync problem.

Step 4: In this case, you have to use another option that is Gmail Refresh Icon sync icon which is presented in your device which only allows you to turn on and off Gmail sync. Once you turn on this icon then it shows the notification info on the Home screen of your device and to make a sure swipe down the screen to see the notification.

Step 5: Afterward, go to the Menu option and then click on Auto-sync data and Make sure Gmail sync is on

Step 6: Now open the Gmail app goes to the menu and choose your account in which you need to sync and finally check the Gmail sync.

Sync Gmail App is isn’t a huge problem it may fall for any reason because Gmail update and many other objectives in such error look for our rectification steps.