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Canon Printer Drivers Installation and Automatic Printer Driver Updates for Windows


Using a printer or printing device is always a seamless experience for most of the people across the world, though they do not know about driver installation and update processes. These two things are important, as they will keep your printer’s performance seamless. So, basically, the reason why your printing device is working perfectly is nothing but frequent driver updating. When you purchase a new printer, connecting it to the computer is not enough to make it functional. To enjoy its service, you need to install driver software. Once you have done with drivers installation, you shall be able to use your printing machine for printing purposes.

Finding Software for Canon Printer Drivers Installation

So, we have understood the essence or importance of installing driver software for Canon printer at above section. Now, the question is how to find driver software? There are two ways of finding driver software for printing machines from Canon. The first method is checking CD that comes with your printer. The product box will surely include one or two CD. If there is one CD, it must be driver software CD. If there are two CDs, anyone of them could be driver software disk. Read on CD cover to find contents of the disk.


There is another way of finding driver software. This is yet again a simple way of getting the software for your printer. All you need is to visit the official website of Canon. At this website, you shall find an option for downloading driver software. Now, here at this point, you need to be accurate with your approach. A small mistake can lead to bigger glitches later. You shall be asked to enter the model number of your device. You must enter it accurately. To get this number, you can check product packaging box or invoice. Product manual also comes with the model number. As soon as the model number is entered, you shall get associated driver software for this device. Now, click on the download link to start the process of downloading.

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Installing Canon Printer Drivers Software in PC

When you have driver software along with you, the process of installation of this software should be started. For installation of the driver for Canon printer support, you need to prepare your computer for installation of this software. At first, you should check the availability of space on your computer. If space is low or almost unavailable, you should clean your drives before starting the installation. Thereafter, you should close all active programs on your computer. Running multiple programs during installation of this software will cause technical hiccups.


Go to driver software folder and then click on “Setup” to launch the installation wizard. This wizard will come with installation guide as well as information. It will show terms and conditions for installing this tool. As per information on the screen, you need to press right option to conduct as well as complete installation process. As soon as installing this software has been done, your printing device is ready to be used. You can go for a test print as well.

Printer Driver Automatic Updates for Windows

Installation of driver software is important, but to get continued seamless performance of printing machine you need to update it. Software must be updated periodically. If you do not update it, you shall not get the best performance from your printing device. The software can be updated in two ways. The first method is to go for the manual update. You need to search for availability of update files. If updates are available, you will be able to download and install them.


This process can be made automatic with use of simple tools or applications for managing automatic updates for your Canon printing machine. Installing the device on your computer and then this software will automatically keep your printer’s driver software updated.

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