Canon Printer Driver Install In Window 10

Printer is always an important device at home or commercial places. People like the printing much but usually they come across some issues during installation. They should have some information about the installation and get the device working smoothly.

First of all, for installation, all the things in the printer should already be setup. Paper, ink cartridges etc. must already be on place.

Connect the Printer to the Windows 10 Computer. Then you need to install a correct Printer driver. Canon’s website is ready to provide all drivers related to any printer. You can go through the site and get the driver you need. Following tutorial will help you to find the driver from Canon’s site.

As it is known, that Canon Printer Support has many Officials sites. They may not be able to share the same Printer model. So it is suggested you use the browser to find drivers directly.

Follow the steps below to download and install drivers on your own.

  1. Type Printer model number in your favorite search engine. For an example “ Canon mf3010” in Google.
  2. Generally, the link for that Printer driver will be displayed at the top in the search engine. Hit on the link and you will be directed to the download page of the printer driver.
  3. Choose the right operating system. If you have Mac or Windows. Select accordingly.
  4. Now find the download tab and click on download.
  5. Open the executable file and go through the on-screen instructions. Follow all positive prompts to get the driver installed.

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If you don’t want to go through all the driver steps, you can get some help from windows drivers. I will give you step by step instructions to install the driver through Windows.

  1. Click on start logo which is on the bottom left side of the screen. Then choose control Panel.
  2. Click on Devices and Printers and then push on Add a device.
  3. If the printer model is in the list, then hit on Next.
  4. Then go through the on-screen instruction and install the driver.

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If the printer is not in the list then use the following instructions

  1. Hit on the option “the printer is not listed there” and then choose local printer or Network Printer.
  2. Hit on Next
  3. Choose the USB port to be connected to the printer. For an Example “USB001” for USB connected Printer.
  4. Hit on Windows Update and have some patience to get the printer drivers update.
  5. Then in the list, hit on your Printer model number and then click on Next. Go through all the instructions and it will install the printer driver or get canon printer support.

Then give some printouts and make sure Printer is printing properly. Then You should be good to go.

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