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Can I get the Microsoft Office 365 suite free with a Skype subscription?

Microsoft Office 365 suite

Skype is one of the leading communications applications with an extensive user-base globally. It is arguably one of the best Microsoft Office 365 suite apps for video chat and voice calls between different computer systems, mobiles, and tablets. It is also available for you on many smart watches and even the Xbox One console. Skype is widely used by most businesses for internal and external communication throughout the organizations. It is indeed one of the most popular choices for individuals too.

You can opt-in for a free Skype subscription or choose from a variety of paid options referred to as Skype Credit. Skype Credit is the way to subscribe to those Skype features that are not available in the free version. You can use your Skype credit for making voice calls to mobiles or landlines, send SMS/ text messages, and more. Typically, if your Skype credit gets finished, you can easily purchase more credits if required.

Microsoft Office 365 suite with Skype subscription

The Office 365 Personal suite from Microsoft provides access to the latest MS Office applications, fully installed and available for multiple devices. The latest version of Office suite from Microsoft runs on Windows 7 or later and is a wonderful tool for all of your personal or business needs. With Office 365, it is also worth mentioning that you get access to all the latest versions of MS Word, Power Point, Excel, One Note, Access, and Publisher. And that’s not just it; the company is also offering free cloud storage of up to 1 TB of One Drive for keeping all sorts of documents, photos, and videos.

So, is Microsoft Office 365 Personal free with Skype?

If you’re wondering if you can avail a free subscription to the Office 365 suite with your new Skype subscription, you are probably right. Microsoft does offer a free Office 365 Personal with certain eligible subscription packages of Skype. The eligibility varies among different countries and types of package opted for. Typically, the Office 365 Personal free edition is displayed in the subscription tombstone on the company’s official website. If it’s not shown, it means that Office 365 Personal is not available as a free add-on to your chosen subscription plan.

But, there are some Conditions

You can have a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal version for as long as you’ve paid for the Skype subscription. For example, a 3 month subscription for Skype will fetch you a 3 month free subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal. However, you would need to renew your subscription at the end of the duration in order to enjoy continued full-access to Office 365. Also, if in case you cancel your subscription for Skype, your free Microsoft Office 365 Personal suite subscription also gets cancelled with it. So if you are a huge fan of Skype but not yet tried the Microsoft Office 365, this is the best time to go for it and enjoy the latest software from Microsoft. However, if you’re not an avid user of Skype and are specifically looking for a longer subscription to Office 365, we suggest you should buy it separately and manage your Skype and Office 365 subscriptions independently.

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