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Brother Printer Setup, Update and Installation of Driver


If you are using Brother Printer, you need to know certain things. The most important thing is to setup the printing device. The setup process is required to know for the first time by novice users. Once you have learnt it, you would not face problems in future with the setup of Brother Printer. Apart from setup, you need to deal with two frequent things with printing devices from this manufacturer. Software update and installation of the driver are those two important aspects. To know these things, you need help from experts. You can also simply follow the tips that have been provided below for conducting the process of Brother Printer setup.

How to Install Brother Printer Setup?

When you get the product package, you shall find a few basic things there. Apart from the device, you shall find few cables or cords and CDs. All these things are required for the basic setup process. Find product manual first and read it carefully before you follow the steps to complete Brother Printer setup. Here are the steps for you at a glance:

  1. At first, place your printer on a suitable flat surface near to your computer. It should be placed near to the computer, as it should be connected via USB cable to the computer.
  2. After placing your printer, the next step is to go through the process of attaching printing trays. Generally, a Brother printing machine comes with two trays. One type of tray is known as input tray and the other type of tray is known as the output tray.
  3. Now, you have to unpack the cables. At first, take out USB cable and insert its one end into the computer and another end to your printer. Thereafter, you should find power cord cable. You need to attach this cable carefully to electricity supply board of your house. Another end should be connected to the printer.
  4. The external Brother Printer setup has been completed with perfection. It is the time to go through the internal setup process. Open the front lid and attach ink cartridges, as per instructions or directions on your printer manual.
  5. When you have connected ink cartridges, you should close the front lid and then you should switch on the printing machine. Now take a test print to check whether everything is alright or not. It is to be noted that when placing ink cartridges, you need to break the seal of those cartridges otherwise ink would not come out and printouts shall be blank.

Installation Brother Printer Driver

When you have done the process of Brother Printer setup, you need to go for driver installation process. For that, simple steps that are mentioned below have to be followed. So, keep a look at the steps that are given below:

  1. For driver installation, you need to run the CD that comes with the printer package. Once you run this CD, the installation wizard will open up.
  2. Instead of going for CD installation, you can choose to download the driver software from the website of Brother Printer. For Brother Printer setup, this method has been adopted by many people. At the website, you can download the latest version of driver software.
  3. Click on “Setup” file to run setup process or installation process.
  4. As soon as installation wizard opens up, you need to go through the process of setup by following instructions on your screen.
  5. Screen instructions should be followed carefully. Click on “Next” button to move to next steps. Finally, press “Finish” button to complete this process.

How to Update Brother Printer?

When you have done with the process of Brother Printer setup, you need to go for Brother Printer update process. For updating software, a few simple steps are required to be followed. Here are those steps:

  1. Make sure internet connection is active.
  2. Now, press update button after launching the Brother Printer wizard. Once you have launched it, you shall easily find the update button on the screen.
  3. Click update to start the process and give some time to your computer to check the availability of update files.
  4. If update files are available, you can go for the process of downloading the update files and then install them.
  5. When the installation is done, you should restart the computer.

If you get technical errors or issues with Brother Printer setup, you need to talk to experts. Call technical support center for help or assistance.

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