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Best Practices: Symantec Endpoint Encryption And Symantec Drive Encryption

Symantec Endpoint Encryption And Symantec Drive Encryption

Today’s technology has made the working procedure of laptops, tablets, and another device into portable one. By this, the users don’t need any additional devices. Apart from the available advantages, one con has been added that is the data breaking. The data will be easily stolen or accessed by means of any lost and theft cases.

What is Symantec Encryption & Symantec Drive Encryption?

The process of Symantec Endpoint Encryption will connect the media of full-disk and removable data towards the centralized management. So the private data will be protected and secured completely. The devices which are meant to be provided as encrypted such as BitLocker, FileVault 2 or OPAL.

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Other assured protection of Symantec:

In the part of the drive, the Symantec we will enable the top level of security by means of sector-by-sector protection. Following this process, all the files in the drive will be encrypted thoroughly. The laptops, desktops and Windows tablets are the not the only devices come under the protection of Symantec Drive Encryption even it adds security encryption on the USB drives, external hard drives, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray media.

When we offer Symantec Endpoint Encryption on any of your removable devices means you can able to access data on any of your Windows or Mac system. It will provide high protection to the machines, native OS encryption such as BitLocker, FileVault 2 and OPAL through the self-encrypting drives.

Steps-by-Step Instructions for Symantec Endpoint Encryption:

These are the steps which we follow in our firm. They are

Step 1:

First, install correct encryption software on the system, and then click on the option of lock presented on the right corner. In case if this icon is not appeared means press the Windows icon + S.

Then enter Symantec Encryption Desktop in the text box and press enter then the screen will display.

Step 2:

In the Symantec, Encryption window hit the PGP Disk on left side panel and choose whether to Encrypt Disk or Partition on the right side pane.

Step 3:

By following the above step list of disks which needs to encrypt will be screened. That is the drive will be noted with a plus sign and on the left C: Boot 15GB Fixed Disk is given.

The reason is the Symantec Drive encryption will encrypt the whole system or one partition so that it will ask for the suggestion by mentioning a lot of disks. When the user clicks on the plus sign means show up the top-level disk on the screen. Besides, the drive has partition will be clearly showed.

Step 4:

In case if you need to encrypt the C: partition means then click on that disk then it will be enlarged. Now, hit on New Passphrase User option available on the right side of the screen. By this option Add User window will appear on the screen in that click on the Add to bring the encryption window.

Step 5:

Here the user will be given with two choices like “Use Windows Password”, and “Create New Passphrase” in the New User windows.

When you give the wrong passphrase then the system will start to boot at Encryption. So the BootGuard will appear that window is the previous window for the Symantec Drive Encryption

You need to do the entire mentioned steps by us then you can attain the correct encryption format.

 Key features of using Symantec:

  • Only with single sign-on support the user can able to meet several options regarding recovery such as self-recovery and web console.
  • Use removable media for restricting the data loss.
  • Inbuilt Compliance support mechanism
  • The user will understand the encryption process

All these features will be collectively attain by us when we perform encryption for your drive

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Supremacy of using Symantec:

  • All the devices like desktops, laptops, and USB devices are encrypted for the data protection by means of the proper instruction for information security and privacy.
  • The procedure for configuration will be done through some hits on the highlighted options.
  • In case of any encryption, a complete explained description will be enabled on the logs and reports. It helps the users to go with the flow
  • It will not interrupt any other program the whole encryption mechanism will be conducted desperately in a window.

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